The Story Exchange, a nonprofit media organization that is dedicated to sharing the personal and professional stories of female business owners, posted an article by our founder, Lorrie Thomas Ross, titled “Successful Women Entrepreneurs Do These 7 Things. The Last One May Surprise You”. In this article, Lorrie points out the prominent patterns that she has noticed in the women she has worked with to help them build scalable and sustainable businesses.

Here are the 7 success steps that will allow you to be successful in your business-running journey:

  1. Delegate tasks – do what you do best and have others do the rest
  2. Invest in assets that allow you to to do more, sell more, and be more
  3. Negotiate well – ask for what you want (what works for you, your team, your clients and your company)
  4. Re-evalute periodically to ensure you are following best practices in all aspects of your business
  5. Lead your company – this includes tough decisions, motivating your team, managing vendors, and caring for your clients
  6. Build and maintain strong networks that will support and empower you
  7. Have fun! Don’t forget to play hard as you work hard

Lorrie defines a successful woman entrepreneur as “someone who embraces the risk of a business or enterprise and enjoys the journey crafting the lives they want and deserve.” She claims that starting her own business and helping more women brand, build, and boost their businesses has given her more happiness, better health, and more wealth, and she’s on a mission to share those treasures with other women too.

Read the full Successful Women Entrepreneurs Do These 7 Things. The Last One May Surprise You” article!

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