Are you hosting webinars or getting ready to add that to your business marketing? If so, don’t treat your webinar as just a webinar; make it an event! People want to attend things that are fun and enjoyable – think party!!!

Just like planning a party, plan your webinar with a theme. What is your webinar going to be about? At our next webinar in January, we’ll be partying with health and wellness online-based entrepreneurs; that’s our theme. Choose a theme that your audience will be interested in. Something that will not be too hard to dance, smile or stand up at your desk and rock to. 😉

What’s the best thing about a party? The food. In a webinar, the food is the educational content you’re going to give out. You want people to be talking about how good your “food” was days after the party is over. The trick is to give information that is of value – information the attendee will benefit from.

Nobody likes to show up to a party only to be surprised that it’s a sales trap, so as always, we promise to have our webinars wrap up having no sales pitches whatsoever. Whoohoo!

And end your webinar on a sweet note – think of this as dessert. Give something of value at the end, an ebook, great final tip or simply a thank you.

Once you have the party plan down, you need to create an invitation. The invitation has to have a clear date, time, meeting location, and present the value that will be served at the party. You’ll also have to state how people can RSVP to your event. Share this via email, your blog, website, and social media, and share it a few times.

Life happens and next thing you know, people forget they RSVP’d for your party! So make sure you send them 2-3 reminders prior to the event. Don’t be shy to re-share your invite on your blog, social media, and newsletter. The more invites sent out, the more attendees you’ll most likely have!

Throwing a party is a lot of work, so don’t feel shy to delegate. Have one person do the invites, another person send out the reminders, etc. If you’re doing it all on your own, create a checklist of what needs to be done before your big day. Preparation is key!

On the day of the webinar, go live 10-15 minutes prior and play some fun dance music in the background. And once you start, make sure you say hello to your guests and interact with them throughout your webinar. That will make them feel welcomed.

After the webinar is over, send them a thank you note for taking the time to join your party!

Now what are you waiting for, it’s time to plan a party!

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