Wild Web Business Operations Woman

Kelly KohenKelly met Lorrie and Anne while working for a dot-com eons ago. She bonded with Lorrie over daily ice cream sundaes during their afternoon breaks and their love of volunteering. Kelly stayed in touch with Lorrie after she left the dot-com world to start her own business. Each time they ran into each other, Lorrie would say “If you ever want to escape the corporate world, let me know!” and eventually, after the birth of Kelly’s son, she finally said YES (actually she agreed to help “temporarily”). They have been working together now for almost two decades.

Kelly has over 20 years of experience running the critical “behind the scenes” things an online business demands – virtual office management, online invoicing, online office solutions, client relations, scheduling as well as helping web marketing clients with website updates, SEO, social media, blog content and more.

Being a Wild Web Woman® means a rewarding professional career and the ability to actively participate in her private life – going on adventures with her husband and son, teaching fitness at her son’s school and enjoying long days at the barn with her horse of 17 years.

After many years commuting to the office, Kelly LOVES her work from home lifestyle and is excited to share her experience with others seeking to spend more time doing the things they love.