The Marketing Therapist®, Wild Web Woman® and Wild Web Women® Founder

Lorrie Thomas Ross MAOf all the things Lorrie imagined she would be someday, Wild Web Woman® was never on the list. But thanks to the wild, wacky and wonderful web, she is living a happy, healthy life and enjoying a lucrative career that includes helping women brand, build and boost their businesses!

Lorrie Thomas Ross has been the CEO (that’s Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Web Marketing Therapy®, a full-service marketing agency for over a decade. She and her team support small businesses and entrepreneurs who have one thing in common – they are all passionate about their profession. Clients call Lorrie The Marketing Therapist® for her healthy advice, stress-free guidance, and tough-love approach. (She is known to stage interventions if a client’s marketing moves are making themselves a danger to themselves and others).

Lorrie is a lifestyle business evangelist believing in working hard and playing hard, pursuing passions (family, travel, health, hobbies) and loves (seriously LOVES) web-based business. Since 2005, her lifestyle business has never had offices. She and her team operate out of 4 different states and multiple cities serving clients throughout the US.

Lorrie was inspired to launch Wild Web Women® to teach women how to embrace their full professional potential AND be happier, healthier and wealthier! Teaching women how to architect their businesses to support the lifestyles they want and deserve rocks her wild web world!

Lorrie speaks at conferences on a number of marketing and business-related topics. She wrote “The McGraw Hill 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing” and some of the original LinkedIn Learning online marketing courses.

Lorrie is a California girl (born and raised) now living and loving life in Georgia. When she is not speaking, training, staging marketing interventions, supporting clients, or running her women-in-business community, she loves to unplug with family and friends… preferably outside… over a great meal… and a fabulous glass of wine (or two).

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