Lead Web Programmer, Designer

Wil ThomasAs one of the few non-estrogen producing members of the team, Wil (that’s with one “L” – he’s not a verb!) has, so far, successfully avoided having to show up to company meetings in a skirt and pair of Manolo Blahniks… so far.

In a previous life, Wil directed and created web, print and product branding for over 100 different products sold worldwide to Petco, PetSmart, Walmart and others as the former Vice President of Marketing for Veterinarian’s Best, Inc.

With a degree in Marketing and over a decade of design and programming experience, Wil brings a unique blend of right and left brain function to help create clean, simple and powerful marketing tools where great user experience is blended with visual aesthetics.

Wil gets that code and how websites work is “greek” to most people. He always takes time and care to explain things in a “non-geeky” way so that everyone understands.

He has an incurable attention to detail and humor. Loves cycling, canyoneering, clean design, old MST3000 episodes, craft beers and foodie endeavors.