Have you ever filled in the “Wheel of Life” ?

Assess Your Personal Life & Your Business with The Wheel of Life ExerciseNeither had I…Not until I worked with a coach yeeears ago when I was at a crossroads in my personal life.

As I looked at it, I wondered how this simplified exercise was going to help me with my seemingly complex issues. I was newly divorced, growing my business in the height of a recession, was in the final throws of grad school, was dealing with the super unexpected death of my father and was just trying to keep things afloat. Still, wanting to be the A+ coaching client, I grabbed the crayons and started filling it in.

I was instructed to fill in the pie wedge areas according to happiness of how “full” I felt – one hundred percent satisfaction and happiness would equal coloring the wedge in completely; little to no satisfaction would equal to not a lot of coloring in the wedge.

What seemed like a futile exercise turned out to be very eye opening to me. To visually see areas with less coloring in comparison to seeing those that were more full gave me a very clear picture – literally – of the areas of my life that needed work and attention. Business was growing a ton, money was flowing honey, I was soooo skinny and fit looking (stress = lots of running) BUT what I also saw was zero in the relationship department, not nearly enough fun (I was all work and no play) and I wasn’t as “healthy” as my skinny body reflected. I needed more sleep and to eat better and needed more happiness!

Whether you feel like your life is lacking or full at the moment, I encourage everyone to go through this quick exercise. I find in challenging times, this is super helpful to get clear and to get focused. Here is the image below larger and below the wheel are some questions to ask yourself as you examine each wedge. Note – you can also do this journal style. Personally, I like to draw my own wheel and fill it in.

Assess Your Personal Life & Your Business with The Wheel of Life Exercise

Family & Friends: Do you feel connected with family and friends? And are you really “present” when you are with them? Can you rely on them under any circumstances? Are they supportive of you? Trustworthy? Uplifting?

Significant Other / Romance: Are you happy in your love life? Is your partner really a partner? I have had several women who do this section with me say that they are VERY happily single say that they ended negative relationships and have no desire to be with someone and they are full all by themselves! So please don’t feel like you have to be in a relationship for this piece!

Fun & Recreation: How do you spend your free time? Are there hobbies or sports that you enjoy? Do you find life fun?

Health: How do you feel? Do you feel physically healthy? Mentally healthy? Does your body have any physical ailments? How well do you sleep? Stress levels ok? Energy where you’d like it to be?

Money: Are your needs and financial obligations met? Do you have outstanding loans that are causing you stress? Do you think more money will make you happy? If so, what does this look like? What will more money afford you?

Personal Growth: How would you rate your personal growth? Are you open to new experiences? Do you like to learn new things? Are you growing? Improving? Is your spiritual life satisfying?

Physical Environment: Are you happy in your home? In your office? Do you feel at peace when you are surrounded by your worldly possessions?

Career: Are you satisfied with the work path you are on? Are you working your dream job? Does your current job bring you satisfaction and happiness? Are you able to earn enough to live how you want to live? Do you have aspirations to have a different career?

The Wheel of Life is a wonderful exercise to do even if you feel like your life is going along just swell!

At the very least, you will have a pretty, colorful graphic to admire. At the most, you will have a deeper awareness of areas that need attention so you can make changes and work towards getting the most happiness and satisfaction out of life.


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