Featured Wild Web Woman: Kristen Tinker

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Our latest Wild Web Woman is Kristen Tinker! Kristen Tinker has a fitness and health coaching business called Pacer Kristen and is committed to helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. She supports clients by helping them address lifestyle and nutritional needs through planning, education, and execution so that they are able to sustain … Read More

Finding Your Natural Work Rhythm

By Kelly KohenWork From Anywhere

I have worked from home for almost 10 years and I LOVE IT! I love being able to set my own schedule and work from anywhere. With the freedom that my web based business gives me, it’s sometimes easy to get distracted and even after so many years living this lifestyle, I still find that I … Read More

Getting Over Your Fears

By Lorrie Thomas Ross, MAInspiration Station

There is one little thing that is the biggest barrier to doing new things to grow or improve your business: fear. Fear is natural. But it is NOT natural or healthy to hold yourself back. When you have fears (like trying something new, embracing new technology, hiring help, reaching out to a new business lead) … Read More

Featured Wild Web Woman: Erin Clifford

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Meet Wild Web Woman is Erin Clifford, a certified holistic wellness coach and founder of Erin Clifford Wellness Coaching and Rockstar Doggy Momma! She’s deeply passionate about working with families and professionals (dogs included!) to help them develop healthy lifestyles to create a more fulfilling, happier existence. Rockstar Doggy Momma (RDM) is a healthy lifestyle community … Read More

Embrace Your True Wild Side

By Lorrie Thomas Ross, MAWild Web Lifestyle

I will never forget the first time a long-time client called the team and I at my web-based business (Web Marketing Therapy, Inc.) “Wild Web Women”. Yes, we were “web women” but “wild”? I wasn’t so sure if I liked this nickname. When I used to hear the word “wild”, I envisioned dancing on tabletops, … Read More

Even If You Work Off-Hours, Don’t Email During Off-Hours

By Lorrie Thomas Ross, MAGeek Chic Tech Tips, Web-based Business, Web-Based Business Operations

One of the biggest no-no’s a business owner can make is shooting off work-related emails during the work week after business hours or on weekends. When you show that you are online work nights and weekends, you set a”wantapreneur” tone to clients and contacts. We know one of the beauties of web-based business is the flexible schedule. And … Read More