As Wild Web Women, we are all about virtual business, however, there are times when you do need to have some real marketing collateral. Any time Lorrie gives a speech, we always make sure she travels with business cards (that’s about as much paper as she can deal with – ha!)

Whether you are new to business or in the throws of it, you may not be aware of the wonderful online resources to help you create beautiful business cards that won’t break the bank.  Our go-to source for inexpensive, yet professional business cards is Vistaprint. If you already have your logo, you are just a few simple steps away from creating your own cards. Alternately, they provide templates and even offer consulting services to help you create a business card that is cohesive to your brand.

And if you have commitment issues, don’t worry! It’s easy enough to order small amounts (Vistaprint offers 100 cards for $15) until you are certain of the direction you want to go. You simply need a way to share your information with people you meet.

Think of your business card as a firm handshake. Does it leave the impression you want?

Don’t wait to get out there and start networking for your business!

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