The Deets on Dry Brushing

By Vanessa ManningHealth is Wealth, Work From Anywhere

Umm…you want me to do what with that? And I’m naked? Let’s talk dry brushing. This ancient ayurvedic ritual is still making modern-day waves as an addition to one’s morning routine. In case you’re not familiar, dry brushing is a self-care technique where one uses a natural-bristled brush all over the body for a variety … Read More

GEM: A Brilliant Example of a Wellness Brand by Women, For Women

By Lorrie Thomas RossHealth is Wealth, Inspiration Station, Marketing that Matters, Web-based Business, Wild Web Women

Periodically I come across companies that shine above the rest and, as a marketer, I want to share their greatness with everyone! The company featured in this blog post is not a client and this is not a paid endorsement. This is simply a nod to a woman-run company that is a brilliant business example. … Read More