Leadership Circle Membership

No long-term commitment required!
Only $129/Month!

If you are super passionate about your business, don’t believe in limitations and are ready to take things to the next level, then you can’t afford not to be in the Wild Web Women® Leadership Circle.

Running a business is wonderful... we know. We also know how critical it is to have support (real, live, professional high-value support) and like-minded peers surrounding you.

The Wild Web Women® Leadership Circle interviews prospective members prior to joining to keep the caliber of members high. This is not for “wantepreneurs”, this program is for dedicated, driven, wild hard-working web women business leaders only! If you are interested in joining the program, contact us today!

The Wild Web Women® Leadership Circle is not your typical monthly membership program. We keep the program capped at a small group so we can work with you personally.

Wild Web Women® Leadership Circle Members receive exclusive monthly benefits:

Monthly Training Webinars. Topics include Marketing, Sales, Operations, Productivity, Health and Wealth. Webinars are led by Lorrie Thomas Ross, an experienced teacher, author and business owner. Webinars include live Q/A during and after the webinar. Webinars are recorded if you cannot attend live and all webinars are available to members. Webinars are 100% educational – NO sales pitches, no lengthy “all about me” introductions…it’s all about helping you grow your web-based biz!

Monthly PERSONAL Q&A Coaching Calls or Emails.
How many times have you needed ask question or get help ASAP and wished you could turn your chair around and talk through something? Your Wild Web Women® Leadership Circle membership allows you to email us directly (getting support from our leadership team, NOT an inexperienced customer service person) or book a call (limit one call and three emails a month) to get the help you need. Support is whatever you need - how to handle something with sales, tackling a marketing challenge, dealing with a challenging situation/client or just needing to talk to an expert to air something out. One-to-one coaching normally runs $250/month but is INCLUDED in your membership plus all the other benefits!

Weekly Wild Web Women Expert Advice E-mails
You will receive weekly Wild Web Women tips on marketing, sales, operations, admin and more. These emails have yummy, easy, stress-free tips that you can put to work immediately to help brand, build and boost business. And no sales pitches (can you tell we hate cheesy sales pitches??!!)

Special Wild Web Women® Leadership Bonuses
Members receive secret-special perks (If you told you what they were, they wouldn’t be secret!) that are huge $ value! Actually, $$$ value!

Access to the Wild Web Women® Leadership Circle Archive
You will have access to a login-only site to self-help including past webinars, training guides, done-for-you things to use, and more!

Because the community is small, we are available to listen and support you. We want to hear your goals, support you and keep you accountable. Your “want to do’s” become “need to do’s” when you have to check in! (and we mean business!)

We will connect you with other members, women with web-based businesses who you can learn from, help and know for life. It can be lonely running a web business, having peers who are at your level is inspiring, encouraging and game-changing!

Discounts on WWW Events and Services
Wild Web Women® Leadership Circle Members will receive 25%-50% off events, services and products.