The Story Exchange is an organization that is dedicated to providing information and inspiration to women business owners. They published an article written by our founder, Lorrie Thomas Ross titled “How to Start a Sustainable Lifestyle Business.

Women business owners have a unique superpower when it comes to wealth, health, and happiness. Lorrie’s article gives practical advice that tackle key points women need to address to build a balanced work and personal life that is both sustainable and fulfilling. Here are her main points:

  1. Identify your values – Ask yourself what you love, what’s important, and what you can do more of.
  2. Shift and adapt – Figure out the best way to align your work with your values, and be flexible in adapting to whatever changes may come
  3. Make relationships everything – Think relationships, not transactions.
  4. Invest, invest, invest – Recognize what the most important assets for your company are and invest in them. Also remember that giving back is another rewarding form of investment that will attract abundance and make a difference for everyone you work with.

Lorrie advises that entrepreneurs remember this: there is a difference between a lifestyle business and a sustainable lifestyle business. The goal is to build a sustainable business that you love and gives you the opportunity to do what you love. This is the best way to ensure that your business will be one that you’ll want to keep going for years to come.

Read the full article on The Story Exchange here!

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