Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. 

We’ve always heard that a little competition never hurt anyone, but competition becomes unhealthy and dangerous when it’s at the expense of other businesses and people. Competition can be healthy and beneficial when both sides learn from the successes and failures, but it’s important to remember that the relationships that are created in the competition are equally, if not more, important to one’s success than the competition itself.

People are relational, communal beings. We were created to carry out all acts of life alongside each other and form bonds with family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, business partners, and anyone we come into contact with. When people focus more on forming mutual relationships with their peers instead of getting ahead by putting them down, everybody wins.

It is impossible to serve clients well when business owners are more worried about coming out on top than making sure they have people there to catch them if they fall. There is no real glory in success if the only way to keep yourself up is to put others down. When businesses are constantly competing with their ‘competitors’, they come across as unprofessional, difficult to work with, and insecure in their business ability -no one wants to work for or with those qualities.

When your business practices are community-focused and seeks the success of all who are involved, your professionalism, generosity, and confidence in your business will be the key to keep your business running properly and at its highest caliber. Think cooperation, not competition.

Both competition and community are necessary for progress and growth. They both push people and businesses forward in the work world and the real world. When used together in healthy ways, competition and community help people and businesses better serve others.


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