My elementary school daugher has a neighborhood pet-sitting business. She said the other day that she wanted more clients. I asked her what her ideas were to help get that going, super curious to see how she’d reply. After a little silence she replied:

I think I should do a Facebook video.

As much as I’d love to think that my digital marketing work lingo has rubbed off on her, I can’t take credit for the idea. The credit goes to our neighborhood private Facebook page. She has seen and helped with some videos that are shared there, so she figured if she had something to broadcast to her neighbors, that would be the place. I was still pretty impressed with her rationale. Ok, so far, so good. Then I asked her what she was going to say in the video. A little longer silence.

My name is Edyn, I have a business called PetPal. I take care of all kinds of animals…cats, dogs, rabbits…any animal. If you are traveling, or if your dog gets lonely when you go out to dinner or if you need someone to walk your dog, even if you need me to travel with you and your pet…..

I stopped her at “willing to travel with you and your pet.” reminding her that she was in school and that wasn’t realistic. Then marketing mommy kicked in. Any normal parent would have probably said “great honey!” to her message (minus the travel part) but not me. The message lacked heart. It was intervention time.

I asked her WHY she had a pet-sitting business. No silence.

Because I love animals and I love helping my neighbors

YESSSSSSSSSS! (I shouted with excitement when she said this which scared the heck out of her, oops!) Then I came back to reality but that’s the answer I’m talking about! That heartfelt answer was what she needed to say in her video. Anybody can do a job, but people who do what they love will always have a competitive edge.

People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.

It is a gift to be able to do work you love, for people you love. Make sure that your marketing messaging communicates why you do what you do, no matter how new or old your business is!

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