The WWW Team may not share an office, but we sure do share a sense of humor!

We love collaborating work-wise and sometimes find ourselves chatting or emailing to rant (which often turns into helpful blog posts like the one we did about how old you look if you still double space after a period! (I digress for a moment, but seriously, don’t do that!)

One of our recent chats was about how messy, chaotic emails equal more work for everyone and can really make the sender look sloppy. You can be very savvy in your field, but if your emails always look like sh*t, you are going to tarnish your brand, reputation and productivity.

Here are some simple steps to make your emails as pretty as your hair on a good hair day:

Use clean, clear subject lines
It is super important to have an easy to understand, clear email – this applies to email marketing messages and daily work ones. Many times people need to go back and reference an old email and they rely on search to find the message. Make sure your subject line is to the point.

Get to the point
Speaking of getting to the point, your email needs to say what you need to say in an organized, clear, way. If you need something, ask for what you need and if there is an action item, state it. Being vague is never ok. Web surfers scan, sometimes it helps to bold things if there is something you need to call out. Bullet points are also handy if there are a lot of things to cover. Include links or attachments so people don’t have to search for things too. Avoid emailing from your phone if possible, I find some of the sloppiest emails are ones that come from trying to work on the go.

Use a clean email if a topic veers off
If an email thread changes topic, I suggest starting with a fresh, clean subject line (see point one above) so it’s easy to search and keep track of the communications. Also, in today’s social world, it’s not uncommon for people to send texts or Facebook messenger messages which is easy to lose track of. Send an email to backup a text message so you have a record.

You can be the best, brightest, more beautiful professional, but if your communications are a mess, you too will be perceived that way. Plain and simple. Click to tweet this.

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