“In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”

—Deepak Chopra


Letting go of habits, ideas, processes, beliefs, people and/or practices that aren’t serving you is the beginning of beautiful things in your life.

This post was inspired after I spoke to a small professional group of women about going from FOG to FUN.

The bridge is simple: Mindset, Means and Motion.

Mindset Means Motion Blog ImageMindset is being in the right place mentally to align with what you want. Negative energy attracts negative results. Positive energy attracts positive results.

Means can include having funds to do what you want, but many times, it’s not money honey! Means can mean having/getting the education, training and emotional support to go and grow where you want to go. It can also include letting go of things that are blocking you.

Motion is getting the wheels turning…ideas are cheap, integration is priceless!

In the Q/A section, I was asked by a man in the audience what my biggest professional mistake was.
I was surprised that I answered so quickly and without hesitation – “Keeping an employee with the wrong energy on my team for too long.” I didn’t even know what I was going to say, I just opened my mouth and out it came!

I had invested so much in this person (heart, time, soul, mentoring) and I didn’t want to believe things were as bad as they were. I kept hoping that things would get better.

They didn’t. When this person left my company, the energy of the team shifted. My other team members were happier, I was happier and as a team (even being down a person) we were more productive.

Be mindful of the energy in your personal and professional life. Letting go of what is not serving you isn’t easy, but it’s essential.

Just this week:

  • I have seen clients have hard conversations with team members who were creating more stress than success and things have improved
  • I’m seeing a client (who I worked with a decade ago and now again today) thrive because she is now 100% out of an unhealthy partnership
  • I watch my coworkers grow because I have let go of control (oh, that was a hard one for my ego to see typed out lol) and I am very clear about expectations
  • I am seeing bursts of energy and creativity from women who are investing in professional support
  • I have personally felt a vibrational upleveling by cutting ties with an energy-vampiring person in my life

There is so much you can gain from letting go.

What can you do to clear the path so you are doing more of what you love? What isn’t serving you? What is creating emotional overhead?

Cut, clean, clear, declutter.

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