Is your inbox out of control? Do you have emails that you leave in your inbox until you mark them off your to-do list? Do you try and respect “business hours” and only reply to client emails between 8-5?

This used to be me. My inbox was overflowing with client emails that had action items for the future, or I would set up email drafts and have to remember to send them at the appropriate future date. And even though my wild web work life isn’t always 8-5, I never wanted to be messaging clients at odd hours (sets the wrong tone). The reality was that keeping up with the management of the emails was taking waaaaayyy too much time that I could be spending more wisely on other work. I was desperate to find a solution for time and email management.

Boomerang is my solution. It’s an app that has become the one business tool I can’t live without, second only to my cell phone.

My love affair with Boomerang for email messaging management is based on these three things:

  1. Compose emails and send at a later date. Simply click on “send later” and choose the exact time you want the email sent and you are all set! You can also set up recurring emails using this same option.
  2. File messages until you need them. I use this for almost every email that has an action item I need to follow up on. I can set it for a specific time and date, or more generic times, such as two weeks to return to my inbox. No more storing it in my inbox and having to go back through all my messages to ensure I am working on each item in a timely manner.
  3. Return emails if no one replies. Sometimes people don’t respond to an email – WHAT? Yes, this does happen, but I don’t want the exchange to get lost in my email wasteland of sent emails, only to wake up in the middle of the night remembering that I never heard back on an earlier email. If they DO reply back, your email doesn’t return to your inbox, so you don’t have to worry about managing emails if they don’t meet the “didn’t reply” criteria. Again, you select when you want the email to return to your inbox.


The applications are endless and help keep my inbox neat and tidy, as well as helping me keep on top of supporting our clients by keeping me organized!

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