One of the biggest no-no’s a business owner can make is shooting off work-related emails during the work week after business hours or on weekends. When you show that you are online work nights and weekends, you set a”wantapreneur” tone to clients and contacts.

We know one of the beauties of web-based business is the flexible schedule. And we know that some web-based business people work better at night or on weekends when it’s quiet….(myself included sometimes!)

However, when you show that you are working when the majority of the business world is not, you discredit yourself.

Successful web-based business entrepreneurs work a healthy schedule. While wild web work life isn’t always 9-5, messaging clients or business contact at odd hours really sets the wrong tone.

Here’s how to solve the “I’m working late or off-hours and have emails to send” solution. A.) Keep your emails in drafts and wait to hit send until work hours. B) Use Boomerang. It’s an app that has become the one of the top business tools the Wild Web Women team can’t live without.

We LOVE Boomerang because you can write emails and send at a later date, file messages until you need them and return emails if no one replies.

When I started my digital marketing agency in 2005, I worked part time (as in TWELVE hours a day!) to get things going. I was traveling, speaking, in client meetings by day and doing the actual web marketing work when I was back in the office and sometimes the only quiet times were at night or on the weekends. While working off-hours was not ideal, I had to team at the time and I needed to deliver great work so I did what it took. The biggest mistake I made was not waiting until business hours to hit “send” on emails written when I was working off-hours. When I did this, my messages often got lost in client’s inboxes (which made more follow up work on my end) and worse, it showed my clients and business contacts that I was accessible 24/7.

Retraining my clients to only expect me to reply during office hours took time. I really regret setting that tone when I started, but I learned a tough lesson and don’t want to see you wild web women repeat it!

Own your worth, work the schedule that works for you, but set a professional tone.

Working hard does not mean working all the time!

Virtual business hugs,



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