I will never forget the first time a long-time client called the team and I at my web-based business (Web Marketing Therapy, Inc.) “Wild Web Women”.

Yes, we were “web women” but “wild”? I wasn’t so sure if I liked this nickname. When I used to hear the word “wild”, I envisioned dancing on tabletops, hanging off balconies, or worse, dancing like Elaine on Seinfeld.

What about us made him call us “wild”? Being a total language geek, I looked up the definition:

-Not subject to limits
-Passionately eager or enthusiastic
-Going beyond “normal” or conventional bounds

Well, when put that way, we were wild after all! (And we gladly took the compliment thank you!) We earned our “wild” web women name in recognition for our ideas … ideas that seemed to pop up out of nowhere – great, passionate, limitless ideas that would blossom and spread generating wonderful results (so sensational that they took this client’s business to multi-million dollar levels).

As I walked through the wildflower meadow in the community where I live this week, my eye took to the natural, bright, fantastic flowers that stood out against the rows and rows of average blades of grass.

Why be a “bleh” blade of grass when you can be a stand-out flower? That is what being a Wild Web Woman® is all about.

I always joke that I am “not like the other kids”, never have been, never will. I don’t believe in limits, I don’t work in a traditional way and I have never held back on what I am passionate about – personally or professionally.

The beauty of web-based business is that we can all be Wild Web Women®. The flexibility, potential, ability to live happier, healthier and wealthier lives is such a wonderful gift.

In working with hundreds of clients over the last 10+ years, my team and I saw a huge need (and void) for a community to support more women with web-based businesses so you too can be the wild in work and in life. While wild web-work is wonderful, we also know that sometimes you can feel too wild … almost out of control (isolated, overwhelmed and out of focus). Wild Web Women® teaches, coaches, and trains women like you how to be great in marketing, sales, operations and administrative work so your business can support the personal and professional goals you want and deserve!

You are a unique individual. Our coaching, training, community, expert tips and advice are customized to your individual needs; save the cookie cutter for the kitchen!

We were all born to be wild – why not work on the wild side too? Embrace your true wild side and let yourself blossom. We want to help you get there.

Wildly yours,

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