BoomerangDoes your email inbox seem like a never-ending task box? 

We used to feel that way working for our digital marketing agency until we started using an app to manage our email called Boomerang! It simplifies life and keeps your inbox clutter free! It has so many great features that help me with every aspect of work.  

Do you have clients in different time zones? Don’t worry about sending an email too early or too late – set it to send when it is convenient for your client. With Boomerang, you can schedule an email to send at a specific time, so your recipient receives it at the right time.

Do you work all hours, but only want to “do business” during a typical 9-5 day? YOU CAN. Create emails and set them to send later with the Boomerang scheduling feature and you don’t have to worry about middle of the night brainstorming or client emails.

Do you have trouble keeping track of sent emails that may not have had a response from the recipient? Not a problem! You can set up Boomerangs feature that will return the email to your inbox after a specific amount of time if no one has replied. 

Need to have some uninterrupted work time, but the chime of new emails coming in keeps distracting you? Simple solution, pause your inbox for a set amount of time and Boomerang will ensure you don’t get distracted.

Worried about missing an important email while your inbox is paused? Don’t! You can set up exceptions and those important emails will be delivered immediately, even if your inbox is on pause.

Need to remember to do certain tasks at a later time? Not a problem! You can send yourself an email reminder or return an email to your inbox at a certain time as a reminder to take action. No longer do you have to search your inbox for messages-set it and forget it until you need to address it.

Boomerang is our #1 must-have tool to make your business workday run smoothly, to help you remember your to-do’s and to bring it to your attention if an email has gone unanswered. It’s like having your own personal assistant that keeps track of all the little details, so you don’t have to!

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