Do you ever feel like you are in a fog in your business?

In order to get on the path to working in a way that is in alignment with your values, your talents and gifts, and your desires, you have to shine the light on that FOG to get clear.

Fatigue can come from burnout, working too much, needing more support and it can also come from not getting enough nourishment doing things you love! Go ahead and think about what you want to do, and you can come up with ways to give yourself that time.

Obligations can be personal and professional. Obligation can wear on us and can be very unhealthy to your success. Anytime it feels like you should do something, go ahead and shine the light on that and break that down because oftentimes it means it is time to hit the pause button.

Guilt is not something you have to choose. When you break that guilt down, you start to have breakthroughs.

Here’s the magic phrase that will help cure FOG quickly. It’s a non-negotiable saying:


FOG happens to us at all phases of our business. When you own what needs to go, you open yourself up for more of what you want.

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