We loved interviewing Wild Web Woman Amber Dugger! Amber helps take the stress and overwhelm out of all things money related for online service based entrepreneurs. Her approach involves a balance of both wealth consciousness and practical tools. Her signature program, Budget Alchemy, creates a practical cash flow management tool that allows higher profits and clarity around numbers.

Meet Amber Dugger!

What inspired you to launch your web-based business?  It all began in the year 2014.  I had been unhappy in my corporate life for some time. I started to commute to work by bicycle to give myself some sense of adventure and freedom each day. On my way home from work one sunny afternoon, I was headed down a big hill going about 19 miles per hour. I had just purchased a beautiful new Rivendell steel bicycle. As I was headed down the hill, something went dreadfully wrong and my bike came to a complete halt and launched me head-first over the handlebars. I landed face-first on the asphalt and continued to slide for several feet while the bike landed on top of me.

Miraculously, after over thirty X-rays and two head scans, I had no broken bones. My helmet had truly saved my life.  I came home and had a very new perspective on what I was grateful for. I had my teeth intact. I could see. I could breathe out of my nose. The next morning additional thoughts came to mind of how great my life truly was. Six weeks after the accident, I realized that something was wrong. I was diagnosed with mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury). I spent the next year recovering and while doing so, discovered the world of health coaching.

I signed up for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York City. I went in with full intention of leaving my corporate life and becoming a Health Coach. It wasn’t until I took B-school with Marie Forleo in 2015 that I realized how important incorporating location independence was into my vision. In July of 2015, I left my corporate job and two months later was in Bali, Indonesia servicing my clients virtually.

How has your previous employment experience aided you professionally? My background is in corporate finance, cash flow strategy, forecasting, and pricing. While I was living in Bali, many entrepreneurs approached me about both money mindset and money systems. I am very thankful for the experience I had while in my corporate jobs, as I am able to work with many different revenue levels with my clients and can incorporate advanced cash flow strategy when needed. I love that I can take both the practical tools I learned from both my finance and business degrees as well as the holistic approach for my health coaching background to combine a pretty amazing holistic approach with money. No boring grey suits here!

Do you weave your values into your business? How? Yes! 100%! My values are encouragement, compassion, and impact. I have them taped in front of me while I work each day. I believe that deep down, everyone has the ability to be good with money. Most just have not been shown a system that works for them. I love to deeply connect with my clients and allow them to have a space to connect with others and to be heard. It is such an amazing feeling to see female entrepreneurs come together in a group setting and support one another while breaking through their money blocks and creating financial systems that set themselves up for massive impact.

What is the best part about being a web-based businesswoman? For me, hands down, it is the ability to travel at a moment’s notice. I absolutely love that I can work in an efficient manner and still be able to fit in all of the things that bring me joy. I love travel, sunshine, spending time with friends, being free to be there for a family member or friend in need, all while being able to continue to build my business. Location independence is by far the best part about having a web-based business!

What is the most challenging part of being a web-based businesswoman? The most challenging part about being a web-based businesswoman is realizing that location independence and time zone independence are not the same thing. I have found that as my days were filling with back to back calls, I couldn’t necessarily drop everything and travel to Bali or Australia. I am not one that likes to work late into the evening, so having clients in the US and UK make it difficult to travel to the other side of the world without sacrificing sleep. I also miss the in-person connection so I go to lots of events where other entrepreneurs get together.  I plan to hold more in-person experiences this coming year to establish more community bonding and deep in-person connection.

What is your favorite way to unplug from work? I live outside of Washington DC and Virginia. We have beautiful mountains and vineyards within an hour’s drive. I love to venture out to vineyard with my fiancé, taste and learn about wine and enjoy beautiful sunset views. When I can’t venture away to a vineyard, I always have my latest knitting project close at hand. Knitting soothes my soul and is a huge part of my life.

How do you maintain your health? One of my daily most important actions is self-care. This can be anything from my regular team workouts at my gym, yoga, or a walk in the park across the street. I prepare most of my meals at home and love to cook. I also am a huge believer in aromatherapy and essential oils and regularly use them throughout my day. The most important thing I do for my health is listen to my body and react accordingly. It’s a beautiful balance.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments? I’m really proud that I didn’t let the misery of my corporate life get the best of me. I am proud that I took action and made a life for myself that I love. Financial security is incredibly important to me and practically speaking, I felt that I must have hit my head a bit too hard when I was leaving my corporate job. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done and it took a good year for me to not wake up with daily panic attacks. I have never been so scared in my entire life but I knew that there were three things that I needed in order to succeed.

This is from Marie Forleo: Determination, Planning and the Ability to Stick with It.

I have this written on a card that is quite faded at this point and it stays on my wall. Anytime that I was scared or really getting down on myself or experiencing self-doubt, I would look at that last line. The ability to stick with it. I told myself that this was the most important and hardest thing to accomplish. I’m proud that I was able to stick with it and my intentions are to continue to do so.  I am still blown away that that in my second year in business, I brought in more revenue than I ever did in my corporate career.

What is the wildest thing you have ever done? Hmmmmm, the wildest thing I’ve ever done? I guess I would have to say moving to Bali, Indonesia, after leaving my corporate job. I had plans to be there for eight weeks and I ended up staying for over six months. Three weeks after I left my job I was listening to a podcast about a health coach that had left her corporate job and moved to Bali. I had my boyfriend listen to the podcast and he knew after listening for only 5 minutes and that I was going. Three weeks later I was there and sitting in my Balinese compound wondering what the heck I had just done!

What three web tools can you not live without?

What helps you increase your productivity the most? I am a huge believer in using noise canceling headphones with Brain.FM. This gets me into an incredible flow state,  especially when paired with motivating essential oils. My other secret weapon is being a part of my good friend Jo Bendle’s Wildly Successful Society. It is a productivity membership filled with amazing female entrepreneurs wanting to get more focused and clear on their actions. I use a combination of determining my most important actions based on weekly, monthly and quarterly goals and daily, weekly and monthly reviews so that I can continue to learn and assess my progress.

Also, my go-to productivity tool is Asana.

Do you have any personal “wild web” role models? If so, who? Of course! So many to mention so this list is abbreviated:

What are some risks you have taken that resulted in positive outcomes? Investing in myself when practically speaking, it wasn’t the best financial move for me. Every time that I have invested in myself and applied what I have been taught, the return has been two to three fold.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career to date? My biggest roadblock and obstacle will always be myself. What others think of me is none of my business and comparing myself to myself and no one else is the best way to learn and make progress. It is so easy to get caught up in comparing oneself to others and allowing self-doubt to creep in and sabotage efforts. We all are contributing great value to this world and by supporting one another and encouraging one another, the momentum and impact is exponential.

How do you maintain a work/life balance? I have set client weeks and non-client facing weeks which makes a really nice balance in maintaining energy levels. I get energy from both but too much of either sucks me dry. I also make sure that I have at least one of my MIAs (most important actions) working towards a personal goal. My non-negotiable each day is 2 20-minute meditations. TM (Transcendental Meditation) gives me energy, clarity and insight into my inner wisdom.

Business-wise, where do you see yourself in ten years? I aspire to impact the lives of thousands of service based entrepreneurs. In 10 years time, my goal is to impact the lives of 50,000 soul-based entrepreneurs by empowering them to get clear with their numbers and working through the money blocks that is currently holding them back from unleashing the massive impact that they are capable of. I create quarterly and annual vision statements so I am practicing what I preach and am sharing my 2018 vision statement with the world.

You utter your desires and they become reality.

This year I have knocked my revenue goal out of the park and did so with higher impact. I have continued to build out my team and I am really excited about what is to come for 2018.  I now have a dedicated web and funnel team, content strategist and both a VA and PA.  I am training a group of YNAB Coaches (currently interns) so that I can continue to give the 1:1 support to a larger group of Budget Alchemy participants. I have fully implemented additional workflows to allow more creative space and deeper work.

My content strategy is bringing in consistent leads and I am attracting incredible and beautiful souls into my Budget Alchemy Collectives.  My revenue streams are VIP 1:1 work, Budget Alchemy group experiences, VIP days/Masterminds and book launch collaborations.

I am highly sought after for speaking and presenting on Profit First, YNAB and Money Mindset.  I have appeared on 24 podcasts and have gotten substantial traffic from these appearances.  I spoke at SHINE Live, ProfitCon and FinCon.  I am recognized as the founder and creator of the Budget Alchemy System. Business coaches are seeking me out to present in their upper-level masterminds and more entrepreneurs than ever are making massive strides forward in profitability.

Where’s your favorite place to work from? I thrive on variety and aesthetically pleasing environments with lots of natural light.  Coffee shops with comfortable seating, co-working spaces (Hubud is my absolute FAVE) and my cozy turquoise office are all great places to work.

How do you make your home a productive space to work? Comfortable seating, remove distractions, DND mode on my phone and computer and honoring my commitment to remain focused. Walk and sunshine breaks are a must.

What is the #1 piece of advice would you give to someone who’s aspiring to run a web-based business and be a Wild Web Woman? The best piece of advice that I can give to someone who wants to run a web-based business is to share your vision with the ones that will be affected the most. Sharing your vision at the start of your journey is incredibly important so that when your dreams do become reality, you are fully supported and they are fully aware and not surprised by your progress.

Thank you, Amber!

Be sure to learn more about Amber at www.amberdugger.com and follower her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!


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