“Control what you can, when things feel out of control.”

“You must go on and do the next right thing.”

I watched Frozen 2 a couple weeks ago to distract myself from what is going on in our world right now. These quotes above from the film really resonated with me. I immediately knew I had to write a blog about how we can still find inspiration during isolation.

…then I did nothing…

I didn’t start writing. I wasn’t doing “the next right thing”, I was just doing things.

I wasn’t controlling anything, because in fact, I felt completely out of control. While work is busier than ever to support our clients in these tough times, I was sad about the loss of my freedom, the loss of interaction (huge energy loss since I’m such an extrovert), and I felt like I was on an emotional roller-coaster.

The Coronavirus started to spread, more people started dying and the world as we knew it started to change little by little. When we were told we should start physically distancing (we can still be social, I had to remind myself) I thought, I work from home; I should adjust and be fine. I was so grateful to have a job, when many were losing theirs. I was grateful to be living with my long-time boyfriend, and not alone as I was 4 months ago. In fact, I have so many things to be grateful for, but why was I starting to feel so unfocused and all over the place? Why was I not able to think of the positive things, enjoy the little things, and be content?

Then I read an article “That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief” about the stages of grief during the pandemic, and I immediately knew that grief was what I was feeling. I have gone through all the stages and now I was experiencing what David Kessler calls “anticipatory grief”, aka anxiety, and wondering if this would ever end and how the future would be different. Almost right after reading the article, I saw a Facebook post about a group meeting to discuss grieving the losses of Covid-19, so I knew the universe was assisting me on recognizing what I was going through and guiding me to the other side.

The next morning I joined the Zoom meeting, with some old neighbors, and we discussed the grief stages we were each feeling and how others were coping. After, we practiced meditation with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I finally felt I was “doing the next right thing” and “controlling what I can”. And guess what, I now had the inspiration to write this blog, and I am going to continue to choose to take this quarantine time to be intentional with my actions, and not just keep busy in order to keep my mind off of what I cannot control.

I am going to continue my 21-day meditation, connect with others, stay in the present in order to calm myself, and let go of what I cannot control. I am going to find meaning in this temporary state our country is in…say that with me TEMPORARY. And if I feel sad, angry or scared, I will allow myself to take the time to feel those feelings so they can move through me and I can keep going.

David Kessler added a 6th stage of grief (with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s family’s permission) – MEANING. I believe we always find meaning out of the most difficult time and we will get through this, and will find meaning,

Now off to watch Frozen 2 again, and this time after I watch, I will sing Anna’s song and “DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING.”

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