I have worked from home for almost 10 years and I LOVE IT! I love being able to set my own schedule and work from anywhere. With the freedom that my web based business gives me, it’s sometimes easy to get distracted and even after so many years living this lifestyle, I still find that I need to tweak my schedule and habits on occasion to achieve the most productive work environment.

Knowing your natural workflow habits is key to productivity when you work from home.

I have a 9 year old son, so my days typically have to be filled in around his schedule. Our days are filled with sports, friends, homework, and hobbies that can sometimes overflow into work hours a little too much. The benefit of working from home is that I can often fit it all in if I’m creative in how I utilize every hour!

Schedule time to succeed

Working from home is wildly wonderful, but it requires discipline. “Going” to work when you work from home for some means getting out of your pajamas and then heading to your home office or couch or kitchen table and in some cases might mean simply rolling over in bed and grabbing your laptop. I can’t reiterate the power of working when you are your best!

I have always been a morning person. My most productive hours are early in the morning. I love the quiet of mornings before anyone else is up and before emails start flooding in, so last year I decided to start getting up at 4 am and working until I have to wake up my son for school at 7. This gives me three solid hours of mostly uninterrupted work time to get a TON of stuff done. I can’t vacuum or do laundry or make much noise in the house because my sweet family is still sleeping. It’s too dark to ride my horse, so that isn’t a distraction either. Once my son is up for the day, we can spend some quality time together before he is off to school and I’m not stressed about completing a client project. This schedule also means I am free to accept spontaneous invites to lunch or a little extra time with my horse because I don’t have projects looming over me.

Everyone has optimal hours during the day that they feel most productive. I love super early mornings, but my husband would fail miserably if he tried the morning schedule. He finds late nights after our son is in bed are great for finishing up work. Finding your natural workflow habits is key to productivity. If you are struggling to get work done during your day, try switching up your schedule to gain maximum results.

Know yourself, your body, your personality and make sure your work from home schedule supports you!

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