Embrace this beautiful time to embrace renewal and growth. As you emerge from cold wintery days to enjoy sunshine-y days filled with wild blossoming flowers, take the opportunity to support your personal growth and look at ways to help your business bloom!

To grow, you also need to cut and clean…yep, SPRING CLEANING time…and I’m not talking about your garage! I challenge you to clean up your business assets, systems and your personal work habits.

Take a moment to reflect. Here are some questions to ponder to help get your Spring cleaning in motion:

  • Am I spending too much time working IN my business instead of ON my business?
  • Are there clients that are cutting into my profit – financially or emotionally
  • Am I spending more time working than I’m billing?
  • Am I using my allotted “business hours” effectively?
  • Am I short-cutting myself, one or more of my employees, or clients?
  • Does my web business truly support my happiness, health and wealth?

The beauty of owning your own business is that it can allow you to live the life you want…if you manage it! Create the space and tend your business so it grows and supports you the way it needs to. Use this time to encourage growth (for yourself or to support an employee), restructure a system within your business, get help to work more efficiently, or possibly even get rid of a few processes (or people) that are not working out. Sometimes you have to pull the weeds to let the flowers flourish!

Enjoy the blossoms,

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