Here we are, weeks into isolation…I think it’s Blursday? For many of us, we’re all doing our best to adapt and find our new normal.

The feelings (highs, lows) are all real. Don’t discount them. For those of you working at home, you might find yourself getting lost in the hours and working too much.

Many of us want to scream the F word at the top of our lungs and we say YES to that sisters because the F word is


We were born to be wild. Fun is non-negotiable. Make sure to pencil in some fun time to hang on to our sanity. Here’s how:

Take Breaks

Let’s address the elephant in the room – we’re in a weird time right now. This is multiplied by the fact that the way we experience “time” has also shifted.

I feel like this morning was last week. Is that just me?

Maybe your “workday hours” have completely gone out the window or you find yourself feeling the pressure to work even more now that we’re at home in isolation. Our clients know we are home all the time (eeeeekkkkk!)

Regardless, research shows that throughout an 8-hour day, we’re really only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly – just 3 hours of productive work! Outside of that, you’re really forcing your brain to function when it needs to hit the snooze for a bit.

So find way to block time for meditation, naps, painting, yoga, cooking, whatever it is that will truly nourish you and keep you smiling. We have heard from a lot of our Rebel Circle members that their dogs are the best Rx to get them to take breaks and get outside!

Play Dress Up

Because sometimes getting all gussied up makes us feel better than lounging in our jammies. Actually taking the time to get dressed and ready can help us start the day with enthusiasm. Also, turns out that putting on a cute outfit can release neurotransmitters in the brain including, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins which spark a sense of purpose. Sweet – I’m in*.

(*full disclosure this will not be implemented every day)

These two women took it a step further and decided to use what was in their closet to recreate several famous personas including Sandra Dee from Grease, Joe Exotic, and Beetlejuice. If you decide to take this option, please, please, please share photos with us. We’re begging you.

Bonus: You can also use this time to go through and clean out your closets! Now’s your chance to Marie Kondo the ish out of that baby. Pull out everything and only put back what you know you’ll use.

Join a MasterClass

If you’re like me, you’re a little over Netflix – you’ve seen all the shows. Twice. Instead of another binge, how about taking a cooking class with Gordon Ramsey or a filmmaking course with Martin Scorcese? Say what?

No, I’m not pulling your chain – if you haven’t checked out MasterClass, we highly recommend doing so. This online, educational platform has some of the worlds biggest names giving insight on their own areas of expertise:

Pretty cool, eh? As of now, you can snag two passes for a whole year for $180. If that doesn’t suit your quarantine budget, they’re also rolling out free weekly sessions every Wednesday at 8pm EST including:

  • April 29: Community activist and gardener, Ron Finley, shares tips on how to keep your plants alive.
  • May 6th: Professional poker player, Daniel Negreanu, shares his best tips at strategies for the table.

You can subscribe to their YouTube channel to get notified of any new upcoming classes. Cheers to mastering with the masters!

 Rearrange Your Surroundings

If you find yourself bustling around the house like a pinball in a pinball machine, why not take that time to and put it to good use. A quick rearrange of a room or wall can be a really fun way to take your mind off of your current circumstances.

A lot of times when we feel “stuck” it’s because our attention is turned inward. You can combat this by focusing on your external physical surroundings. Perhaps new furniture isn’t in the budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t completely change your space with what you’ve got on hand. Start with something small, like a bookshelf, and just rearrange a few things to see how it feels. Or perhaps pencil in an hour to tackle one small section of the house.

We’re huge fans of Feng Shui and if you’re just getting started with Feng Shui, be sure to check out this recent blog we did on How to Feng Shui Your Home Office. Start with one room and see where you go from there – your chi will thank you.

Virtual Game Break

Since we’re starting to forget what hanging out with friends feels like, try hosting a virtual game afternoon (or night) with some of your buds or play with family. Some of our faves include:

  • Heads Up! On Houseparty – this group video chat service allows you to add this modern spin on charades to your call.
  • MarioKart Tour – ah, this one takes me back. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can play this game right on your iPhone with friends.
  • Scattergories released an online game generator that can easily be shared with friends.

GoodHousekeeping released a great article showcasing several virtual games that can be played on Zoom. Looking for more options? Check out Thrillist’s recommendations here.

We get it..isolation stinks. But there are tons of creative ways for you to make the best of this situation and come out better on the other side. If you have some of your own tips and tricks you’d like to share, we’re all ears!

Sending loads of good vibes to you all – stay safe and sane out there.

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