If I open another email from a professional woman that leads with this dirty four-letter word, I am going to lose it.

Ladies, remove the word JUST from your vocabulary!


Just is an awful word and women use it far too often personally and professionally.

The word just is a credibility killer, a power diminisher and invitation to fail.

Don’t say it, don’t type it. Edit it out of your communications.

Say you are writing an email to follow up with someone. You can begin it with:

I just wanted to follow up about…


I’m following up about….

Can you sense the difference? One sounds wimpy and one sounds confident.

The word just kills your power.

Why sound weak, insecure and unsure of yourself when you can evoke confidence and self-control? Your clients and team deserve better!

Saying four-letter words like just is a dirty little habit. The sooner your break it, the sooner your marketing, sales and business communications will improve.

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