The physical distancing in place to help slow the spread of COVID-19 has wildly changed (and will continue to change) the way we work and live. While our team works without walls thanks to the wonderful web world, we are not immune to the impacts of what that might do to business. Education will always be needed, as will the need for business advice and support but our plans for our 2020 retreats will be altered.

In wild times, you can wilt or you can grow.

While you can’t change what’s happening, or control how people react, you can choose your behavior and reactions. Here are some of the things I am making a conscious choice to do during this time of quarantine.

I can be proactive or reactive in times of stress and uncertainty. I choose to lead with love, proactively checking in with my team and my clients, letting them know that I am there for them. Being a leader is about listening, understanding and being strong. To be the best leader, I am making wellness my #1 priority. I am super respective of physical distancing (but I am trying to avoid the use of the term “social distancing” since we can still be social while we are restricting physical contact), focusing on ways to elevate happiness and health. By putting happiness and health first, we create the space and energy to be creative about generating wealth. When I created Wild Web Women and created the icons for happiness, health and wealth (below), they are in this order for a reason! Leaders cannot pour from empty cups! Lead with love…love for others, but also love for yourself!

Scarcity mentality is erupting everywhere (my gawad, if I see another toilet paper reference on social media, I’m going to lose it!) but jokes aside, it is a representation of FEAR (an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real). Worries about money and resources are real, which creates dis-EASE (and often generates sickness). What I choose to do in these times is give. Today, I donated to the Atlanta Artists Emergency Fund. The eARTh without ART is just “eh” and I live for the arts. Knowing performing artists in Atlanta and in all cities aren’t working breaks my heart. Even if you give a little, give something to causes in need right now. If you aren’t comfortable making a financial donation, find ways to help others. Little things like making an inspiring quote on Canva and sharing on social media might be a small thing that makes a big difference to someone. Blog. Offer to help others. I am going to be creating free courses for a few of the women’s entrepreneurship groups I am a member of. I took the time to post in a private Facebook group of a bunch of women who were supposed to come together for an epic conference in March, but can’t because the event is cancelled. I took time to give credit to the conference founder for bringing us all together and to tell the women in the community how much I value them. Little things you can do to give light and love matter.

If work does slow down, you can panic or you can pivot. Make sure your foundation is solid, nourish your heart and body. Be sure to weave things into your day that make you feel nourished and well, then when your foundation is more solid, focus on wealth. For me, I am taking online webinars to stay connected and keep my mind open and fueled. I am listening to podcasts and being very aware of what I need to put in place to avoid any stress this slow time is creating for me. Remember that wealth is more than money honeys.

You are paid equally to how much you are willing to think.

While my upcoming travel came to a screeching halt (two personal vacations, a professional retreat in April and multiple speaking engagements), I am not going to let that kill my ability to connect. Reach out to friends, family, loved ones, clients and people you have been meaning to reach out to. We are going to amp up our interviews on Wild Web Women and create more content to stay connected.

social distancing physical distancing

Learn, Give, Grow, Love and Laugh.

And if you need ANYTHING, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here for you!


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