Emma Churchman is a business mentor to conscious entrepreneurs. She focuses on alignment, mindset, and embodiment and helps entrepreneurs scale beyond 6 figures.

“I love to help women scale beyond 6 figures in business because I believe that we can have a much bigger impact in the world if we are generating more revenue in our businesses and putting our money where our hearts are,” Emma told us.

She truly helps women embrace the wild beauty of their businesses to grow – it was such a pleasure interviewing her!

Meet Emma!

What inspired you to launch your business? I wanted to be able to reach more conscious entrepreneurs, especially since I have SUCH a narrow niche. Here are some interesting stats: 74% of women never make more than $50k in their businesses. In the US, only 5% of women (both entrepreneurs and employees) earn 6 figures, and only 1% earn more than 6 figures. I serve a very small percentage of that 1% of women in business, so my online presence helps me to have more access to prospective clients. Those stats are from Forbes.

How has your previous employment experience aided you professionally? Yes, I worked for several years as a trauma chaplain in an emergency room/ICU and then served as home hospice chaplain in rural Appalachia going into people’s cabins, shacks and trailers and helping them die.

Being an entrepreneur requires us to continually step through new doorways – to die to who we were in order to become the next version of ourselves. I’m quite good at the death and rebirth cycle, stemming from my experience of helping hundreds of people to die, and thousands of people to grieve. I never expected chaplaincy to be SUCH good training for business!

What are some of your proudest accomplishments? I started a podcast last year: Truth Talk for Conscious Entrepreneurs, that can be found on iTunes. This year I’m running a limited series on my podcast, Cleared for Profit: Heal Your Trauma to Grow Your Business, which happened unexpectedly, but has become miraculous – both in terms of who I’ve been able to interview for this series, and the depths to which we have plunged regarding how trauma shows up in business (and what to do about it), but also with how many entrepreneurs have reached out to me to say thank you. This is NOT a topic discussed a lot in my industry, and I have found great pride in being able to give voice to the impact of trauma on entrepreneurs.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career to date? Make a decision and take action AS SOON as possible. Like in the next 5 minutes if possible. The more I stall with taking action the more I slow things down and f*ck things up in my business. Taking action keeps me out of resistance, keeps me from playing small, and keeps me in my growth edge.

What tips would you give other businesswomen to maintain work/life balance? Too many entrepreneurs wait until they have financial “success” to create work/life balance and they end up burning themselves out in the process. Or the stress of working way too much takes a significant physical toll. They end up with the money, but essentially have to rebuild their businesses because their original business was built on them working 60-100 hours a week. It is NOT worth it to have to rebuild. Create realistic boundaries for yourself about when and where you will work and then stick with those boundaries. Ask for support if needed to keep the boundaries. And when you rest, COMPLETELY turn off. Don’t half-ass rest, because your body, mind and spirit need to be able to restore. Don’t shortchange yourself with your rest.

What has been your best business investment? My best investments have ALWAYS been my business coaches and mentors. I have been blessed with folks who GET me, who challenge me, and who encourage me to continue to grow and evolve.

What advice would you give your younger self? Get mentoring as soon as possible! I wasted 17 years f*cking around as an entrepreneur trying to do it all myself, telling myself I didn’t have the money to invest in a coach. When I finally did I went from an average of $500/month to $20,000/month and I made that shift in 30 days with a basic website and no email list. I wish I had NOT waited 17 years!

Learn more about Emma on www.emmachurchman.com, follow Emma on Facebook and connect with her on LinkedIn!

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