Marisol Colette is a Therapeutic Image Consultant and the Founder of Sol Reflection. Through marrying her expertise in personal styling and her decade-plus long career working and teaching in the field of trauma healing, she helps her clients embrace their self worth and reclaim their outer beauty through aligning their personal style to their soul.

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Meet Marisol Colette!

What inspired you to launch your business? I spent years helping my friends define and refine their personal styles for fun and for free. I also spent years in a career as a psychotherapist helping my clients heal and elevate their lives. I realized that in marrying the two passions, I could continue to help people heal and grow, but through the lens of the fun, joyful, creative expression of personal style. Helping clients align what they were to their authentic inner selves took healing to the next level.

How has your previous employment experience aided you professionally? As a psychotherapist working in the field of body-based trauma healing, I knew two things to be true: 1) having a relationship with our bodies supports the healing process; and 2) we are naturally oriented toward health and have everything it takes, within us, to be well. Thus, what we wear and how we wear it a powerful outlet for our health and our self-expression. When we feel comfortable and powerful in what we wear, we feel comfortable and powerful in everything we do.

What do you love most about having your own business or your work? That I can deliver my unique brand and creative outlet for self-love and self-healing in a way that is fun, freeing and empowering! I can be of service to my community and this world in a way that is in alignment with my values and my passions.

What is the most challenging part of being a businesswoman? Learning something new every day. I love learning new things when they lead to personal growth. There are just some things in business I don’t want or need to learn how to do! One of the best decisions I ever made was when I hired my first Executive Assistant. I’m also challenged by having a ton of creative ideas and not always enough time to bring them all to fruition!

Marisol Colette SittingWhat is your favorite way to unplug from work? It’s a toss up between yoga (on my mat, in my own world) and long chats with my spouse. Depends on the mood I’m in whether or not I need a social outlet or a solo date.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments? All of the speaking engagements I’ve done in my 5 years in business for myself. I love to share my point of view, live, and in a room full of warm bodies. I love the way I get to connect with the audience and be in community with them, feeling into their stories and experiences while sharing mine. I’m also proud of the E-Course I created. It has been a labor of love and I’m so excited to deliver it to my community.

What three web tools can you not live without? Instagram. It’s the place where I can get my point across visually, through the written word and through story-telling in writing or out loud. My website. Thanks to the Wild Web Women team, my website is now a functional place where people can connect with me with ease. Google. I am constantly researching for new clothing lines and products to fit all my clients no matter their age, size or style preferences.

Do you have any professional role models? I’m going to go big. Oprah is my #1. Her soulful and spiritual way of connecting with her community is radical in a world of so much separateness. I also look up to all the wild women in my world. All of the women who are taking a road less traveled and shifting paradigms as they bring truth to power. I also look up to my dear friend Laura Juarez, of Pure Potential, who reminds me there is always a way through when it seems I’m stuck in an impossible challenge, either through stillness or in being unwilling to back down.

What are some risks you have taken that resulted in positive outcomes? Being weird. It’s what has attracted people to me my entire life; being unapologetically weird and myself. It’s also something I held back in my business early on because I worried I needed to be hyper-professional and someone everyone could relate to. Letting my freak flag fly has generated the most positive results in my business.

Marisol Colette SmilingWhat is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career to date? That pretending to be anyone but myself leads to stagnation, confusion and illness.

What tips would you give other businesswomen to maintain work/life balance? Another person’s urgency is not my emergency. Hit the pause button when you’re flooded with emotions. Pray. To whoever or whatever. Just be in conversation with something bigger than yourself (even if that’s your higher self). There is wisdom in listening.

Business-wise, where do you see yourself in ten years? As a household name. I will continue to grow as a thought leader and will share what I know and continue to learn with those around me until the ripple effect is large enough to touch the lives of any and all who need to hear it.

Where’s your favorite place to work from? I actually LOVE working from home. I loved it when I would sit at my dining room table, in my pj’s, watching the cardinals in the bush out my window, and I love it now, in the second bedroom we turned into my office sanctuary (where I’m writing to you from now <3).

Are you part of any mastermind or networking groups? If so, which ones? I have been in the past, but not currently.

What is a quote you live by?

  • What other people think of me is none of my business
  • Style is spiritual

What is the one book that you recommend other female entrepreneurs read? “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown and “The Artist’s Way,” by Julia Cameron

Do you have favorite podcasts? Mine!

  • Reading Aloud,” a podcast where my spouse and I talk about meaningful and not-so-meaningful topics in a raw and real way, giving you insight into what we talk about, HOW we talk about it and why we talk about it.
  • I Am Conversations,” a podcast designed to give voice to the stories we hear every day from women committed to being their best self and collectively elevating the feminine in work and play.
  • I also love Oprah’s “Super Soul Conversations.”

What has helped you grow your business? Getting out of my own way (read: doing my own spiritual work and engaging in many forms of personal growth), letting go of people, places and things that no longer serve me, hiring an Executive Assistant and surrounding myself with badass babes who offer mutual love and support.

What has been your best business investment? Hiring an Executive Assistant!

What does your typical day look like? It depends on the day! I have an admin day (this HAS to be a full day, without interruptions, so that I can sink into big chunks of writing and backend work). Some days I see clients all day. I do networking on other days and then I always take a half-day for self-care on Friday afternoons. I end each day by coming home to my spouse and my dog, Trouser.

What advice would you give your younger self? Don’t try to be any one you’re not. Your gift is in your unique spirit. Shine it bright babe!

What is the #1 piece of advice would you’d give to someone who’s aspiring to run a business? Stay the course! Let discomfort be your teacher. Dis-ease of something is just the disease of needing to be comfortable and happy all the time.

Learn more about Marisol Colette and her business by visiting and follow her on Instagram and Facebook! and check out her “Align Your Style to Your Soul” E-course, launching December 1st!

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