Tara Galeano has worked with women for over two decades to get their sexy back. We had so much fun interviewing Tara, a licensed psychotherapist who expanded her services to include a web-based business so she could reach a larger audience.  In addition to her online courses and retreats, she has also authored a book, all of which focus on teaching women how to show up for pleasure in their lives and reclaim their sexuality. Tara is a woman dedicated to helping other women live and feel their best. We were honored to be able interview her and hope you enjoy learning more about her.

Meet Tara Galeano!

Sex Therapist Tara Galeano Interview Wild Web WomenWhat inspired you to launch a web-based business? For 20 years I had been in practice as a psychotherapist and I just felt like I needed a change. During this time, I was in the process of moving from Boulder, Colorado, and needed to have a broader base. I was looking for something that was not location-based but rather allowed for me to be able to be everywhere and anywhere so it seemed that a web-based business would be the way to go. My original thought was to be a transformational leader and host retreats. It has been my experience that personal transformation can happen on retreats and I have witnessed firsthand, the intense changes of a person on retreats. There is just something about going away to a new place for 10 days and having the opportunity to grow that provides great personal transformation. Transforming one’s self and making sure it is sustainable is key, at least based on what I have seen. I wanted to make this idea possible for others and so what I did was develop a way to offer women the opportunity to have this transformational experience at retreats. With the state of the world these days, those retreats are online which is perfect. My business coincides perfectly with the Coronavirus because my clients can sign up for a digital community called “Rediscover My Body”. My platform is built on Kajabi and within it I have containers. Using these containers, these women can be held accountable, feel safer, and know that their sisters are going through the same journey as them.

What do you love most about having your own business? What I love most about having my own business is the flexibility. My business is fueled by my energy and so on days where I do not feel like I am going to show up and I need to take a break, I can. Then on days where I feel like I am charged to work, I can work a little bit more. I like having that balance between work and play. I am someone who likes to work hard and play hard, and having a flexible schedule is critical for me. It has always been that way for me and that is why I went into private practice in the first place. These days, web-based businesses such as mine are great to have because I can be anywhere.

Rediscovering My Body by Tara GaleanoWhat are some of your proudest accomplishments? I think the biggest one is my book Rediscovering My Body. I am an author of a guidebook called Rediscover My Body, which is based on the work that I did with women who had cancer in the Boulder, Colorado, area. I taught the class for a number of years at the local hospital and I created the content because there was a paucity of information on sexuality after a cancer diagnosis. Women were tended to by dozens of providers and not one was picking up the conversation about how their sexual functioning would be impacted after a cancer diagnosis. So, my friend and colleague invited me to come to her support group and speak to women who had breast cancer. After multiple visits, I began to recognize a need for this information because the questions kept repeating themselves. Based on the content of those classes that I taught for 6 years, I created this book, Rediscovering My Body, and what I found in the process is that it was not just women who are on a cancer journey that needed this information. There were so many women who have been impacted by divorce or pregnancy, the loss of a relationship or menopause, or something that had impacted their confidence in their ability to feel sexy within themselves. This book is for those women who want to listen and know and love their body so much more and experience more pleasure.

Where’s your favorite place to get work done? My favorite place to get work done is in my home in San Francisco. I have my little bubble here and it is here where I do all my work.

Name three web tools you can’t live without.

  • My Virtual Assistant. She is not a web tool, but she works the web for me.
  • Google Calendar
  • Kajabi, where I have built my digital community.

Do you have any professional role models? If so, who? Yes, so many! The first one is Resmaa Menakem, who is the author of My Grandmother’s Hands. He is a trauma specialist; I too am a trauma specialist and so admired his work. I admire his connections to community, his connection to ancestors, and his ability to bring that forth in a very plain and real way.

Tami Lynn Kent is another person I admire. She wrote many books too including the Wild Feminine book and is a pioneer of holistic pelvic health. I see her as being very “real” and profoundly spiritual. She connects those two in such a beautiful way.

Liz Kock is another mentor of mine. She wrote the book Stalking Wild Psoas and I learned so much from her about how being able to relax and how just being in our bodies can really promote profound healing. It is not always about the do, do, do which can be detrimental to so many parts of our body that have been worn down and overrun.

What is the one book you would recommend other female entrepreneurs read? I’d recommend my book because it is for all women. It is a guidebook of experiential practices that bring us deeper into our body. I think often as women were taught to externally reference and that we are given kudos and accolades for being caregivers in society. Female entrepreneurs are breaking the mold and we need to learn how to fortify and really hone in our skill of listening to ourselves and knowing what is true for us, as well as allowing that to be and bringing that forth. When we get caught in the external referencing, it becomes problematic. The lesson is not that we stop listening to others or making connections, but that we listen to that small voice within us and make it the most important one. My book Rediscovering My Body helps us reunify that connection with experiential activities so that you become even more the expert on you.

Do you have favorite podcasts? Yes, anything sex. The two that come to mind are Sexology by Doctor Moali and The Love Drive with Shaun Galanos.

Are you part of any mastermind or networking groups? If so, which ones? Yes, I am a part of Darla Ledoux’s source group.

Wild Web Women Interview with Sex Therapist Tara GaleanoWhat does your typical day look like? I spend a lot of my day on self-care. I like to start my days off with time for reflection and meditation. It is important to me that I take my time and really feel the day. I set my intentions and build the container for the day of how I want it to go to the best of my ability. I focus on how I want to show up for the day because ultimately, that is what I can control. Then I bless it and I let it go. After that, I have a meal, work for a little while, go for a walk, and come back to finish up work. I’m typically working from 10 to 6, sometimes a little bit more.

How do you unplug from work? I like to go for hikes along the coast and I like to go bike riding. I have a friend that has an e-bike just for me, so we go do that together. Anything out in nature works for me.

What tips for maintaining work/life balance would you give to other businesswomen? Balancing is a tricky thing. I would say it’s more about work-life rhythm. The rhythm that works for you is going to be the best because you will find your own balance. It is a difficult thing to manage continuously, but it is possible. You get the good in-breath, you get the good out-breath, you get the good flow. Some days I feel high and some days I feel low. I go with the rhythm of what it is that I need and that dictates a lot of how I am doing life which works for me.

What’s something you do every day to take care of yourself? I brush my teeth.

What is a quote you live by? “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

What investments have most helped your business grow?  A business coach and an assistant. I also have a bunch of editors and an illustrator as well but my assistant is really critical.

Business-wise, where do you see yourself in 10 years? Doing more of the same, just on a bigger stage.

What advice would you give your younger self? Everything in perfect time. You got this!

Learn more about Tara Galeano and her business by visiting https://rediscoveringmybody.com/ and follow her on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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