If you’re feeling leery about the future in these uncertain times, I encourage you to use this time as an opportunity to explore, plan, and look at ways to grow your business. You can wilt or grow in wild times!

I launched my web marketing agency during the recession. I have personally experienced what it takes to keep moving forward and I have guided clients to be successful through tough times, then and now. One of the main things that I always default to when things feel out of control is advice from my dad:

He always told me that I had to bend. 

When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me to “bend a little” whenever I got frustrated. As an adult, I often think of that advice when facing something difficult – and I have learned to bend A LOT. For my clients, my coworkers, and for my overall success. Life doesn’t always go as planned (especially right now) but when I remember that I COULD BEND – flexing, shifting, and adapting – I found that I could experience growth, even in tough times. (Note: This is great to apply to your personal life as well!)

What has also helped me through tough times is that I understand that first and foremost, I am in the service business. Taking care of my clients, anticipating their needs, being proactive, communicating frequently, continually self-educating, and identifying solutions to problems to help clients stay strong is key.

My team and I are always learning and pivoting – and we’re used to this because in digital marketing, the only constant is change. We create ideas, execute them, monitor them and then repeat. It is a continual evolution. Viewing your business from an evolving lens will better help you shape the future of your business.

Finally, my most important piece of advice for keeping your web-based business successful during uncertain times is to always make sure that the three components of your business –  marketing, operations, and admin – are all optimized.

If you treat your marketing as if it has an On/Off switch, your business will be vulnerable (read a past blog post about this). Marketing is the act of building awareness, communicating, connecting, serving, and selling and it MUST be a constant in your business to work effectively. Starting and stopping marketing sets a spastic tone to your audience. If you post on social media, keep posting. If you send newsletters out on a schedule, keep sending the news. Keeping your marketing switch ON will help to keep your business ON.

So my Wild Web Sisters, remember to be strong, be willing to bend, and keep on marketing to keep your web-based business booming.



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