If you’re a businesswoman about to pull your hair out over the thought of networking, this post is for you.

Our Founder, Lorrie Thomas Ross, wrote an article for Fairygodboss called “I’m a CEO — I Use These Hacks So Networking Doesn’t Feel Like Work”.

The goal is to use networking to your advantage, you’ll be best where you are most comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend networking events that put you outside of your comfort zone. You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish under pressure!

Networking doesn’t have to feel like work. It all starts with self-work. 

Know who you are and be true to your personality!

  • What are your values?
  • Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?
  • Once you find a group you’re interested in, try out a meeting or two before you commit to a membership.

Networking can seem tedious when you don’t know where to start, but putting in the work and nurturing your network, it can work to your advantage for your business and your reputation. When networking, always remember to be true to yourself!

For Lorrie’s hacks on networking that does not feel like work, read the full article here.

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