WWW Rebel Circle


If you are super passionate about your work, don’t believe in limitations, and are ready to take your business to the next level, then you can’t afford to not be in the Wild Web Women® Rebel Circle. Root, sow and grow your business so it supports what you want and deserve.


You, my dear, are a rebel. It’s no coincidence that you’re here. You’ve successfully charted your own course, and have possibly hit a few snags along the way (we all have!). Trust us, we get it – working from anywhere is wonderful. But we also know that web business owners need support to be happy, healthy and wealthy and thrive with support from a dedicated team. That’s where we come in.

The Wild Web Women Rebel Circle is a monthly membership program (you come and go on your terms, there’s no auto-billing) that will help you root, sow and grow your business so it supports what you want and deserve. Gain access to live one-on-one strategy calls with Lorrie Thomas Ross, content that will help you grow and monetize, monthly webinars, hands-on support and secret, member-only perks!

It should be noted, this isn’t a program “wantepreneurs” – this is for driven, hard-working, and wild at heart web women only! So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, join us. We can’t wait to help you thrive.

Wild Web Women® Rebel Circle Members receive exclusive monthly benefits:

Monthly Personal Coaching Calls or Emails: Ok, real talk – working as an entrepreneur is fantastic, but we’ve all reached a point where we wish we could turn our chairs around and talk through something with a trusted colleague. That’s where we come in!

Your Wild Web Women Rebel Circle membership allows you direct access to our team of experts. YES! Hands-on support! You can email us directly or set up a call (IRL!) to talk out what you need to work on. This is high-value help from pros – support you need directly from our leadership team. Support includes whatever you need – tackling a marketing challenge, reviewing copy before you blast it out, light web and design support when you get stumped, how to handle a difficult client convo, brainstorm, or just needing to speak with us to flesh out an idea – you name it and we’ve got a solution for you! Our one-on-one advisory sessions are regularly $250/hour but this support is already baked into your monthly membership. We’ve got your back!

Hands-On Expert Support: How many times do you wish you could just reach out and get help from seasoned business pros, get web support (and not have to Google it and watch a tutorial?) ask for quick social media advice, have someone read an email before you hit send, get some design advice and not have to pay a high hourly rate? Part of your monthly Rebel Circle membership includes being able to get help from our team (who has run a digital marketing agency for 15 years) and get hands-on support. Dreamy teammie support!

Monthly Training Webinars: Get exclusive access to our fab webinar series on a wide range of topics including Marketing, Sales, Operations, Productivity, Health and Wealth (to name a few!). We may even get a little Woo Woo on you and host events like meditations, breathwork, and more. Each webinar will include live Q/A after each session and each one is recorded so you’ll never miss out on this great content. These webinars are 100% educational – NO sales pitches, no lengthy “all about me” intros…it’s truly all about helping you grow your web-based biz!

Weekly Wild Web Women Expert Advice Emails: Each week you’ll receive an email from Lorrie Thomas Ross that she writes from her heart every Friday. These emails will be packed with inspiration that you can immediately put to work to help your build and boost your business. Don’t you worry – these never include cheesy sales pitches. Can I get an amen?

Special Rebel Circle Bonuses: Our members will receive secret-special perks that actually have a high $$$ value – curious? We bet you are. Join us and find out more!

Access To Rebel Circle Archive: You’ll gain access to a login-only site that houses all our past webinars, videos and training guides. That’s a TON of juicy support right at your fingertips.

Community & Accountability: Trust us, we get it – running a web biz can be lonely at times…but not anymore! We are happy connect you with other members who are fellow web-based business owners who you can learn from, collaborate with, and develop long-lasting relationships with. Since our community is small – we’re readily available to listen and support you. We want to hear your goals and help hold you to them. Your “want-to-do’s” will become your “need to-do’s” when you have to check in with someone!

Discounts on WWW Events & Services: Rebel Circle members receive 25%-50% off all future events, services, and products! Cha-ching!!

“The more I do work with you, the more I fall in love with you, your team, and the whole process!” -Françoise Everett, Feminine Power Coach

The Wild Web Women® Rebel Circle is not your typical monthly membership program. We keep the program capped at a small group so we can work with you personally.

No long-term commitment is required!

So what do you say…are you in?

Terms, Disclaimers, Policies
Our products and services are intended to help you grow and manage your web-based business. Please don’t hire us or buy from us if you believe in the “money for nothing” or “get rich quick” ideology; we only want inspiring professionals, are willing to do the necessary work, and are serious about growing their web-based business. We cannot and do not make results guarantees. We do not guarantee that you will earn an income. You may cancel your Wild Web Women Leadership Circle Membership for the future month if we have 5 days notice before the new month begins. We cannot refund current or previous month’s membership. You can do this by contacting us online or via phone. We cannot refund delivered services or resources work.