Randi Levin is a nationally recognized transitional life strategist, Fortune 500 keynote, author, reinvention expert, and founder of Randi Levin Coaching. She supports women in becoming legends in their own lives by supporting her clients and audiences in redefining success, realigning and redefining legacy as power tools for choice and renewal, and moving them from wanting next chapters to pivoting and living them today.

Building upon 15+ years in Corporate America, her tenure as a stay-at-home super mom, and her successful reinvent as an entrepreneur and sought-after strategist, Randi Levin is a relatable resource and an action-oriented coach and speaker.

Meet Randi Levin!

Randi LevinWhat inspired you to launch a web-based business? Coaching is my own mid-life reinvention. When I first started my business, it was not virtual. I coached clients in person. I wanted to get experience coaching and honing my craft face to face before I launched virtually. After the first 12-18 months in business, I began to slowly convert and now I am 100% virtual except for live event workshops or panels. My coaching sessions are all done via Skype or phone. As a business model, virtual coaching allows me to most profitably and time effectively stack and execute appointments. I can be anywhere and still “see” clients, as well as attract clients on a national level because they do not have to meet me in person and we both can be based anywhere.

What do you love most about having your own business? Creating a legacy! Leading myself and others. Freedom and flexibility. The ability to decide. Changing lives. Inspiring and being inspired. Growing my network. Growing my business. Growing me!

What I love about owning my own business is that the choice is mine. I can work 10 hours a day for a week and take the following week off. I can work only afternoons or only mornings. I can take Fridays off. I can opt into writing or catching up on paperwork on a quiet Sunday and take Monday off. I can command national stages and podcasts and I can have a voice that impacts.

Build what you desire! Virtually that is possible, since you can be anywhere in the world and connect with clients, or post on social media, or be quoted in a media outlet remotely! I really enjoy the flexibility of commanding my own schedule and being able to tweak that often to support me both personally and professionally.

What is the most challenging about running a business? I believe that you and your brand are one entity. Often, remembering that and fine-tuning the essence of what makes you unique personally and professionally can be challenging. Blurring the lines, being vulnerable, stepping into all aspects of your business is essential to the overall success of your venture. Don’t let fear lead you…YOU lead you! Being virtual can be insular so seek a mini board of directors for your life as a whole. This mini board should be comprised of coaches, mentors, friends, associates…no one does it alone.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments? Building something from nothing is BIG! Especially in my 50’s! I’m about to celebrate year 6 in a few months and I continue to make sure to create habits around success so that I can thread them forward. Being a keynote for Fortune 500/100 companies and national conferences, and being quoted in media outlets such as Yahoo, Reader’s Digest, Amex Open Forum, MSN, FairyGodBoss, and Thrive Global continues to validate my success and really makes me smile!

My first networking event in 2014 was a University of Maryland Alumnae event in NYC. A few months ago, and 5+ years later, I was an expert panelist for a University of Maryland Alumnae event in NYC. Full circle!

Randi Levin Close UpWhat are some professional risks you’ve taken that led to positive outcomes? Getting an apartment in NYC to have greater access to networking events and building a brand, while still keeping my clients virtual, was a calculated risk and one that has paid off nicely.

Learning to say no, and to ask for clarification is also a big risk, especially at the beginning of building a brand. Understanding what is worth your time and what is not comes with understanding and believing in your own worth and the value of your brand. Not everything is for you. Adjust accordingly!

Where’s your favorite place to get work done? My home office is my favorite place because it is quiet and my own space. I love Luminary in NYC as a public workspace for rounding out the week in a shared arena.

Name three web tools you can’t live without.

  • Acuity Scheduling for my online calendar
  • Canva to make graphics
  • Linkr.ee for easy access on social media for linking important URL’s

Do you have any professional role models? If so, who? I have finally gotten to a point in my life and a point in my business where I am my own best role model!! I could give you lots of names of friends or famous people, but essentially I am proud to say that I lead me!

Are you part of any mastermind or networking groups? If so, which ones? I am a member of Ellevate and this past year I joined a game-changing workspace in NYC called Luminary. Luminary has exquisite programming (including my workshops and features as an expert panelist and interviewee) and is great networking support for meeting like-minded businesswomen and for following up with potential clients and leads. Luminary allows my virtual coaching business to have a home base for in-real-life meetings and events.

What does your typical day look like? I generally stack virtual clients in pockets of time over several days a week, leaving time open for networking, events, writing, business follow-up and back of house work.

How do you unplug from work? Exercise, travel, hiking, puzzles.

What tips for maintaining work/life balance would you give to other businesswomen? There is no such thing as work/life B-A-L-A-N-C-E. If you lose the thought that you are dividing yourself up between things and replace that concept with the idea that you are aligning all aspects of yourself and all relationships that you care about as one entity…everything shifts! Balance is about alignment with that which is most important to you in real time.

What’s something you do every day to take care of yourself? I exercise daily, every morning as a way to start my day and energize my mind and my body!

What is a quote you live by? I have a mantra: Stay in the conversation! These 4 words keep me focused and on task in the moment. I will ask myself how I can stay in the conversation on a project, with a networking contact, with a client, with myself. I use this simple mantra to bring my energy into a moment-centric mindset and from that point I ask…what can I do next?

What investments have most helped your business grow? I got certified in coaching when I started, and I hired great coaches to support me early on!

What advice would you give your younger self? Believe in yourself. Don’t give up your power of choice. Decide and know that your intuition is a marriage of head and heart so use it!

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to run a web-based business? Start. Begin. Do your research and network virtually and in person. Don’t wait for your business plan to be perfect or your website to be stellar. We spend so much of life waiting and chasing. Don’t wait. Don’t chase. Set intentions and consistently commit to showing up for those intentions! Success is in the process of doing, the expansion of growth, the curating of legacy.

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