We often think of personal branding as shameless self promotion. Even as a marketing professional who studied marketing, the concept of personal branding was one I had many preconceived notions about. The concept to me seemed simple. Just brag about how amazing I am, right?

Not exactly.

Personal branding is actually what helps you align your voice to your value and values. Managing your personal brand is one of the most powerful, yet most avoided marketing practices (which makes sense if people are correlating branding to bragging!). It’s easy to dismiss and stigmatize what we don’t understand and/or what makes us uncomfortable, which is why we need to debunk these misconceptions.

The purpose of personal branding is to give visibility to your credibility, voicing not just your value, but your values to support sustainable sellability.

Lorrie Thomas Ross, Web Marketing Therapy’s CEO, was invited to guest write for The Spin Style Agency in an article titled “​​Three Simple Steps to Harness the Marketing Power of Your Personal Brand”.

Speaking to all the creatives out there, Lorrie shares that:

“Your personal brand is a public perception of not just the value of the work you do (the what and the how) but your values (the why we do what we do). As you grow, your experiences, thought leadership, strengths, reputation, and intentions grow too. In today’s web and social-centric world, there’s more power than ever to dictate the mark you want to make. Proactive personal brand management can give you that competitive edge.”

As a lover of marketing and creative, Lorrie’s simple steps made personal branding just make sense. Rather than thinking about personal branding as a “me, me, me” activity, she takes the stress out of it and breaks it down into 3 simple steps to prioritize.

Learn more about personal branding and read the article here.

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