Smiling is one of simplest things you can do to be more successful. This simple habit creates a naturally positive energy that puts you in the right mindset AND helps make you more magnetic.

Business women – you have no excuse not to smile. Just because you can hide out behind your computer and your work is done primarily over the phone and web, that is NO reason to not smile! The next time you are on a call, pretend you are on video. If that doesn’t force you to smile more, put a small mirror next to your computer and when you do your next call, make sure you smile.

When I am writing tough emails, I often have to stop (sometimes walk away from the computer…ok, and sometimes eat chocolate!) then I go back, smile and keep smiling as I write the email. The tone of my typing even improves and I find I have a much better business outcome when I work guided by positive energy.

I can’t count the number of times when I have coached and consulted wonderful wild web women needed to tackle tough situations (sales, client issues, etc.) and smiling has been one of the first solutions to breaking through barriers.

If you love what you do, then help others love you too. Be happy, it will help you be healthy AND wealthy!

happy healthy wealthy

Virtual hugs!

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