Starting or strengthening a business is not easy. It can be even more of a struggle for women. Here’s 3 tips that you can do to help you and your business succeed inspired by an article in The Standard. Pauline Muindi wrote a great article with simple, but very savvy tips. She suggests finding a mentor, establishing a strong network of women, and making it a priority to acknowledge the amazing things you are accomplishing.

  1. Find a Mentor Who Wants to See You Grow

Women business leaders need to have a great mentor. An excellent business mentor will share their own experiences, provide advice, and help you with questions that you may have. A mentor has life experience and can help you avoid costly mistakes and share what worked for them in establishing a successful business. If possible, find a fabulous female to mentor you. This is not to say having a male mentor is a bad thing, but that there is a higher degree of cultural competency when going with a female. A female mentor will better understand the specific challenges you may face such as juggling family and work as well as knowing how to work around potential sexism issues.

  1. Network with Women

As a female entrepreneur, it is critical that you have several dependable female business connections. Your network is your net worth. Surround yourself with women who will professionally benefit you. Networking is also a great way to find a like-minded mentor. These women can inspire you on both a professional and personal levels and even encourage / build your confidence.

  1. Own Your Work – Celebrate Accomplishments

Do not downplay your accomplishments. Know what you are worth, own your worth too. It is important that you remind yourself of your accomplishments and that you have earned your position. Do not be afraid to establish your authority when needed and know that you are just as good as a male in your position. Your accomplishments make you a better performer and more equipped to handle things that may come along in your business.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Making your business more successful is not something you have to do alone. Mentors, colleagues and business connections are there for you. This help can be provided by reminding you of your worth, encouraging you, or helping you to grow. Check out WWW’s Rebel Circle Program if you are looking for advice and support. We’d love to support you!

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