It’s great to set goals, but you also want to get them accomplished, right?

Our founder, Lorrie Thomas Ross, wrote an article titled, “4 Tips for Smart Goal Setting that Work Every Time” for The Story Exchange, an organization that provides information and inspiration to women business owners.

To help guide you in setting your goals the smart way, Lorrie shares simple life hacks and questions to ask yourself when setting goals that will help you achieve personal and professional success. She reminds us that goals are nothing unless you take action to accomplish them. It’s easy to let the goals you set at the beginning of the year be pushed off over time, but if you’re specific in your approach to setting them, you’re more likely to get them done!

Here are some ideas to think on while you’re setting your goals and breaking down the steps that need to be done to make sure they are achieved:

1- Identify what you want to accomplish.

2- Identify why you want to accomplish this goal.

3- Be realistic about your goals.

4- Write out the steps that need to happen.

Setting the right goals is the best place to start in order to make sure they are achievable. Making sure your goals are prioritized well and align with your values and what you want to achieve will also help keep you motivated to keep working toward reaching them. Even though these steps seem small, they make all the difference once you start taking the steps to actually accomplish them.  

For Lorrie’s tips for smart goal setting that work every time, read the full article here.

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