Feeling social media stress? Take a marketing chill pill!

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you sit down to write a blog post or create social media content.

Look no further than your own pre-existing business materials to repurpose content mindfully. I say “mindfully” because I am not an advocate of cutting and pasting verbatim from your past marketing materials. Instead, take the gist of the content and massage it into something new (which may simply be changing a few words or adding some context to make it relevant to today or it could be taking one sentence from a past post and using it as a springboard for a new blog post. The bottomline is, use what you already have!

For example, our founder, Lorrie Thomas Ross wrote a multi-page handout for an event that she co-hosted a few months ago for women that are interested in establishing a business foundation to help them manage their business successfully and practically. Within that handout, we identified five interactive sections with areas for the attendees to fill in and exercises to figure out how different areas of their business and lives were measuring up to their personal goals and expectations.

The handout had a lot of information on it that I am already re-purposing. I’ve already blogged about one section on assessing your personal life and your business using the Wheel of Life exercise. And, as you can guess, I’m planning to turn the information from the four remaining sections into four more blog posts! Furthermore, I can write a short, informational newsletter and link to those blog posts. I can also find smaller gems of information that can be turned into social media posts. The hours that I spent creating the handout will pay off tenfold by re-using the information instead of filing it away.

If you are struggling with producing web marketing or social media marketing content, take a look back at your blog posts, marketing materials, website content, and social media posts for inspiration. Chances are very good that you will uncover a lot to work with.

Happy Re-Marketing!

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