One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make is to wait. Don’t wait until your current client comes to you to ask about other services or products you offer. It’s YOUR JOB to educate your client on what you can do for them!

This waiting game must stop for your business to move forward.

How is your client supposed to know about all you can do for them if you don’t educate them?

Take a consultant for example. If they let their clients know about trends, how these changes may impact their business (use sources), and then offer ways you can help in those areas, that is great for the client and helps the consultant grow her practice.

“How can I help my clients?,” is what you should always be asking yourself.

It’s important to remind clients that you are here to serve and help them. That’s not being sales-y or pushy, it’s being helpful!

Speaking up to offer help not only helps your client, but it can also put extra income in your pocket (money honey!)

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