Website design or website redesign can feel overwhelming and just plain hard to navigate.

Web redesigns happen for a number of reasons – the website’s theme doesn’t fit your needs, the look doesn’t best represent your brand, or your content needs a complete overhaul. 

If you find yourself looking at an existing website and getting frustrated or if you are making a new website and are staring at a blank document or theme and feeling overwhelmed, we’d like to offer a simple piece of advice.

Stop Website Design or Redesign Stress
Start With a One-Page Website

Years ago, when our website for Web Marketing Therapy (the agency we run that inspired us to launch Wild Web Women!) got to be a bit hoarder-ish (this was before website themes, back in the olllld days..ha!) our CEO yanked our entire website and we thrived with a simple one-page site (and then she had the space to re-create minus starting at the garish old site)

In today’s world, online presence is everything. But you don’t need a large complicated website that you can’t maintain; you can restart with a user-friendly one-page website that showcases your business. This one-page website will be authentic to your brand, show what you do, and speak to the demographic you serve. 

Here are some more tips for creating your condensed one-page website:

  • Keep it simple! 
  • Include a CTA (call to action); like having users subscribe to a newsletter or sign up for your free webinars or a Learn More that goes to your about page
  • Include your social links and make sure your contact information is easily accessible.
  • Include testimonials if you have great ones
  • Make sure your users know exactly what they’re getting whether that be your product, your restaurant’s menu, or your business’s service. 

We hope this helps you navigate your new one-page website, but if not we’re always here to help!

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