Behind every successful woman
is a tribe of other successful women
who have her back.


I LOVE being asked to be a speaker, live or virtually. I have a blast sharing my experiences as a business owner, wife, and mom. Often, I share the story about a near-death car crash I had years back and the gift I learned about how to be more tuned in when the F.O.G (fatigue, obligation, and guilt) kicks in.

I love to share with women ways to stay clear to avoid F.O.G. – the key is to focus on mindset, means, and motion.




Mindset is being in the right place mentally to align with what you want. Negative energy attracts negative results. Positive energy attracts positive results. Means can include having funds to do what you want, but many times, it’s not money honey! Means can mean having/getting the education, training and emotional support to go and grow where you want to go. Motion is getting the wheels turning…action sisters!

Business Advice Behind Every Successful Woman are Other Successful WomenAs I was working with these women, we were all reminded how freaking important it is to surround yourself with other successful women who have your back.

When I was in my horrid F.O.G. years ago, I wasn’t getting my needs met (means). The women working for me were not stepping up in the way I needed them to which was my failure for not speaking up, as soon as I did they were beyond supportive! And I was not part of any women’s networking groups. I joined a women’s mastermind and invested more than I had ever spent in my life (more than grad school) and the shift I experienced was mind-blowing. I re-engaged with my dearest girlfriends (when I am having a hard time in life, I tend to go dark) and immediately felt more love and support.

SUPPORT. Say that word out loud. Feel it. We cannot be successful without support, and we cannot get support until we ask for what we need.

One of the many things we need to succeed is a tribe of women. We don’t need a sports arena of women, but a meaningful, intimate tribe who we can name and count on. Your VIBE is your TRIBE.




I usually end these emails with action items, but this week, I just want you to hold the intention of cultivating your tribe. This will all mean something different to each and every one of you, but tune it to this…I’d love to hear from you what this means to you!

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