I was on a client call this week and the conversation turned personal. One of the women on the call talked about some of the wackiness she had been experiencing with work and said something jokingly along the lines of “the energy has felt weird…is there some strange moon energy happening or something?” We both laughed, but the answer is actually yes!

The only reason I knew this is one of my dear friends happens to be psychological astrologer Dr. Laura Tadd of Mythic Sky Astrology. She joined me while I walked the dog a few days before and she mentioned something about the New Moon coming up. Since I have little-to-no knowledge about astrology, I asked her to expand. A New Moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. It’s actually the opposite of a full moon. When the Moon is “new,” the Moon is in line with the Sun, and the Sun and Earth are on opposite sides of the Moon, so you actually see no moon.

I was fascinated so I dove deeper and found this article on Bustle that helped provide a good pop astrology (aka digestible and fun) explanation. I also learned that we go into Mercury Retrograde on October 13th! While this might feel like a strange time energetically, it can also be a very powerful and intentional time for you. The following is a gracious guest post from Laura to help you use this time to the fullest (no moon pun intended). I cannot thank Laura enough for sharing her insights to help the Wild Web Women community!!

The Libra New Moon and Scheduling the Timing of Your Asks
Guest post from Dr. Laura Tadd, Mythic Sky Astrology

The upcoming Libra New Moon is on October 16th, 2020. You may be asking yourself what the New Moon has to do with my business; we can’t even see it? New Moons have been understood as times of initiation, launching, and setting intentions, with the overlay of a given astrological sign’s meaning. Thus, when you put into motion ideas, projects, and plans that align with the New Moon’s themes, you are in consort with the universe and in a better position to manifest what you want.

Below I will walk you through how to work with the upcoming New Moon and how you can work with it to set powerful intentions.

A New Moon

Like the act of breathing, all parts of life have a rhythm. Every 28-days, the Moon cycles through all of her phases; New to Full and back to New again.

Due to its visibility, it is usually the majestic Full Moon that gets the most attention, but the New Moon phase is of equal, all be it different significance. Because the Full Moon can be so enchanting, it may seem counterintuitive to see the New Moon as noteworthy. But it is during the new phase when she is invisible and hidden from view that things begin. It is while hidden, ideas gestate. And thus, there is a culmination of possibility when the Moon is not reflecting the light of the Sun.

Although the Moon moves through all phases every 28-days, the location within the sky or the astrological sign a given New Moon is in changes with each completed phase. The Sun, too, has a set cycle, changing astrological signs every 30-days, and the New Moon is always in the same sign as the Sun. People born between late September and mid-October are Libra Suns or Libras. We are currently in the time of Libra; therefore, the upcoming New Moon is in Libra.

The New Moon and You

Now that you have some idea of the New Moon, let’s dive into how working with the New Moon is personally and professionally beneficial.

Every New Moon is tied to beginnings and is a great time to launch ideas, products, and make changes within your business. Working with the New Moon does not magically manifest positive outcomes. Instead, think about it as working with the flow of the universe. Like the hands on a clock identifying a specific time of day, the New Moon signals a time to cultivate and set intentions. To that end, why not initiate a project when you are working with the flow, rather than swimming upstream.

Working with the Moon

Every New Moon is a great time to set intentions; however, they should vary in theme, linking it to the astrological sign in which the New Moon resides. I often describe it to clients as a theater gel super-imposed upon the New Moon. For although the New Moon is always about beginnings, the sign it is in fine-tunes our focus. The upcoming Libra New Moon is on October 16th at 3:31 PM (EDT). As a result, the intentions, the beginnings, the invocations we want to engage with our Libran in nature.


To understand this more, let’s unpack Libra’s meaning with some keywords associated with the sign.

  • Harmony
  • Negotiations
  • Equanimity
  • Partnership
  • Agreements
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Cooperation
  • One-on-one interactions
  • Refinement
  • Beauty
  • Appearance

You and Your Business

Grab a journal or notebook, spend some time reflecting on which terms jump out to you.

  • How comfortable are you with these keywords?
  • How easily do you integrate them into your business?
  • Which ones need greater attention?

Take some time reflecting on what comes up for you; there are no good or bad right or wrong answers here. Everything that comes up for you is useful information.

Digging a Little Deeper

As you move ahead in your New Moon work, you will want to unpack your strengths and weaknesses related to the themes or keywords associated with Libra. And remember, “weaknesses” are simply areas we need to grow and evolve; once you identify them, they can transform. Some possible questions to consider might be:

  • Am I negotiating effectively?
  • Do I step into my power or give it over to others, creating a false sense of harmony?
  • As a business owner, am I comfortable with teamwork?
  • How comfortable am I trusting others to get things across the finish line?
  • Does my office or personal space need a facelift?

You do not need to answer the questions that come. Instead, see them as an opportunity to get clear on your asks. If you do not see yourself as a skilled negotiator, what might you need to do to become one? That could be your ask. If you have an internal resistance when it comes to asking others for help, your desire to change this behavior could be an ask.

 What Do You Want?

Once you have done your preliminary brainstorming, write down your intentions, your initiatory asks. What do you want to create in your business that is an alignment with the Libran keywords above?

Examples of asks with the New Moon in Libra:

  • I want to develop greater harmony between myself and _______
  • I want our customer service to be a stress-free experience for both employees and clients
  • I want the launch of ______ to go smoothly
  • I want to trust ______ more letting, her/him/they take the lead
  • I want to feel at peace with any hard decisions I have to make with regards to my company

Now, setting intentions does not mean you will get everything you ask for; that’s not the way life works. But being proactive and clear about your asks exponentially ups your chances. When you work with the flow of the universe, you find yourself in a rhythm that helps you persevere when you encounter internal and external resistance.

When to ask

For your asks to be fruitful, you do not need to make your list at the precise moment of the New Moon. Experience has taught me that you can make your list within 8-hours on either side of the New Moon. This month that means between 7:31 AM – 11:31 PM (EDT) on the 16th of October.

 One last thing … well maybe two

As you craft your intentions, it is often useful to keep them simple. If it is a multipronged ask, make it more than one; be clear and specific. And remember, while it is good to be focused, and you may even want to do a brief meditation before making your list, you don’t want to be overly serious. This is a wish list; you get to ask for what you want. So be hopeful and optimistic in your intention setting. And remember, in the time of this New Moon, Libran possibility is percolating.

Dr. Laura TaddDr. Laura Tadd
Mythic Sky Astrology

Dr. Laura Tadd is a psychological astrologer who works with clients worldwide. She teaches and lectures on astrology both in-person and remotely. Laura writes for The Mountain Astrologer, Celestial VibesTarot.com and is a monthly guest on Talk Cosmos – a weekly radio show and podcast on astrology at 150KKNW.com. Additionally, she is the education director of Lived Life Resources, an educational nonprofit specializing in resiliency training, education, and research. She holds a PhD in Human Science.

To read her blog, or find out more about her work, visit mythicsky.com

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