I have hit a place in my life where I have realized that in order to get what I want, I need to take initiative.

Let’s take birthdays for example…how many times have you waited until other plans are made for you for your special occasion and not getting the experience you wanted? I know I have been there but no more.

Taking ownership is gorgeous!

The power of taking initiative can include anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc. And it applies to us professionally too. Get in the driver’s seat sisters!

For my birthday this year, I decided to take matters into my own hands to have the most memorable birthday ever. I did this by turning my birthday into a birthmonth (oh yes, I did!) filled with several weekly celebrations throughout the month of my birthday.

I am a huge believer that life is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed. If you want to have dinner at a restaurant you have always wanted to try, make the reservations. If you want to go visit the Taj Mahal, book the trip!

You can have all the fun and success you want in the world if you simply initiate it and not wait on others.

Here are the birthmonth plans I have planned:

  • April 2-4th: Weekend trip to Joshua Tree
  • April 5th: My actual birthday; dinner at home with a few friends and mom
  • April 6th: Birthday dinner at Nobu in Los Angeles
  • April 7th: Birthday Spa Day and Dinner in Santa Barbara
  • April 9th: Birthday celebration at a house club with friends
  • April 10th: Birthday dinner at a steakhouse in West Hollywood with best friends
  • April 11th: A birthday party at my favorite park in Los Angeles with family and friends
  • April 12th: Birthday dinner with a bestie
  • April 17th: Birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant with Zumba friends
  • April 18th: Birthday celebration at Downtown Disney with childhood friends (our yearly tradition)
  • April 24th: Wrapping up birthday month by going out to a Latin dance club

After writing everything I wanted to do for my birthday, I sent it out to my best friends. I gave them first dibs on what activities they wanted to RSVP for. To my surprise, they were all extremely excited to have a months’ worth of activities to do. All my close friends are going to at least half of my events planned. After allowing my friends to have first dibs, I then opened it up to other friends and family members. I am big on birthday celebrations and I have never experienced people being so excited about upcoming birthday events as I did with my birth month.

Taking authority over my birthday and planning did not only bring a lot of fun to my life, but it also brought a lot of joy to the loved ones around me.

It is SO important to take initiative and plan the life and celebrations you want to live!

What is one thing you can do today to start getting more of what you want?

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