Do this self-work to grow your self-worth!
Learn how to manage and optimize the brand called YOU!

WebinarBranding isn’t just for businesses. Your personal presence is a critical marketing asset to help you brand, build and boost your business.

Optimizing and managing your personal brand – the brand called YOU, will take your success to new heights.

In this free webinar on June 25th, 2019 at 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific, marketing expert Lorrie Thomas Ross, MA will lead you through a simple formula to define, refine and and grow your personal brand. You will learn easy (yep, easy!) ways to use the power of the wild, wonderful web to grab the reins of your brand identity including tips on how to build your authority status, create content, establish personal style, maintain consistency, and more.

With the right personal branding strategy, you can achieve a competitive edge and reach a larger audience.

Tap into the power of your personal brand to successfully build awareness, communicate, connect, serve and sell.

This webinar will cover:
  • The three areas that you need to address to master personal branding
  • Simple steps to improve your personal brand
  • Easy, no cost ways to take your personal brand to new levels
  • Steps to follow to manage your brand for life
  • A life-lasting marketing personal branding strategy
Cost – FREE!

*This is purely an educational webinar, no hooks, no sales pitches, no strings attached!

Next Webinar: Tuesday, June 25th, 2019
12pm Pacific / 3:00 Eastern

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Wild Web Woman® Lorrie Thomas Ross

Lorrie Thomas RossLorrie Thomas Ross, MA is the founder of Wild Web Women®. She is WILD about teaching women who are also wild about their work.

She is a marketing expert and lifestyle business owner on a mission to help more women business owners brand, build and boost business to be happier, healthier and wealthier. Her agency, Web Marketing Therapy® is marketing agency that diagnoses, prescribes and guides healthy marketing solutions, focusing on optimization and education. She wrote the McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing.