Saturday, March 20th marks the 2021 Spring Equinox, signaling the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere. The Equinox is a moment in time when the sun is exactly above the equator, occurring twice each year. It’s a delicate balance, this dance in the universe. This is a gift in seasonality to shed the unnecessary, the unwanted, the no-long-needed. It is also a time of transition as life itself releases the old and brings new growth and hope to us all. It’s so important for women to welcome this powerful time to restore balance in your life and your business.

Here are a few ideas to help ignite cleansing and cultivating!

Cultivate Gratitude
An attitude of gratitude is always a great place to start! Being truly grateful for the many blessings you enjoy puts you in the right frame of mind for becoming aware of – and being able to accept – more blessings. Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative! And please (please, please, please) don’t take your hard-earned success for granted – no matter where you are, celebrate the work you did to be here and embrace all the growth potential ahead of you! I find that when I celebrate how far I’ve come, I am more energized and inspired to move forward.

Observe and Release
Give yourself space to pause from what you’re doing and look around you in your home and really see. Call it being mindful or present, but take a moment to notice space, place, and things. Ask yourself the Marie Kondo question, Do they bring you joy? We become so used to having things around us that we begin to stop “seeing” them. Maybe it’s time to get rid of some – purge and simplify as we bless others with our unnecessary “stuff.” I am a CRAZY spring cleaner (my husband and daughter usually get way out of my way LOL) purging, donating, new sheets every few years… I loved this blog on Spring Cleaning Tips – they said it so well… “Traditionally when individuals spring clean, they sort things into four piles: Keep, Donate, Maybe, Toss. We like to add a fifth pile: Precious.” I recently purchased a custom essential oils box from Mad Tree Woodcrafts (who write the tips) to organize my precious oils (I LOVE my oils!)

Get Outside
The spring equinox brings with it new life. Step away from the computer and phone (I leave mine at home when I walk most times) and get outside. My personal trainer (ahem, my 4lb chihuahua lol) ensures I take breaks to do this! Look for buds on winter-stark tree branches and bushes (I tear up when I see the first ones), and for crocuses and daffodils springing up from the ground. Longer days mean more sunshine, and sunshine enables the body to produce Vitamin D, necessary for your immune system. Did I mention the benefits of fresh air? Your body is not meant to be online all day long, get outside, connect with nature. I dare you to go a step deeper and hug a tree!

Cleanse Your Body
You sow and grow when you are wildly rooted. Cleaning your body can revive so much! Fresh young dandelion greens are wonderful for making a cleansing, detoxifying tea! Organic, no pesticides, of course. Dandelion tea can help with the liver, the urinary tract, and it works as a diuretic. I am a big fan of Purium’s green shake mix. I try to drink that most mornings and I also take supplements with spirulina. Some of you might choose to do a cleanse (if you do, consult with a super qualified professional), for me, I cut coffee at the end of winter to one cup a day and now drink MUDWTR for the other cup which is super nourishing. I also got super honest with myself about alcohol and made a commitment to myself to drink WAY less. Women have way more health risks from consuming alcohol (increased chance of breast cancer, menopause side effects, and decreased fertility to make a few). Look at simple ways to eat and live clean. I am a big fan of the advice of Chicago Wellness Coach Erin Clifford. Here is a great post on getting back to health basics. Cleansing your body can also include taking Epsom Salt baths more often!

Examine Your Relationships
The Equinox is also the perfect time to take a clear look at your relationships and evaluate them for toxicity. You don’t need people pulling you down to their level – not when you’re on the way up! It may be time to release them – call it tough love, because it’s for their good, too. This can apply to clients (give your energy to the best ones, not the energy vampires) and how and where you network. I turned off my Facebook news feed to clean up my time on social media! My favorite phrase is “That does not work for me” to help evaluate choices. You can alter this to “They or This does not work for me” to help quickly gauge relationships!

“Evaluate the people in your life: then promote, demote, or terminate. You’re the CEO of your life.”
-Tony Gaskins.

Cultivate Positive Thoughts
As I said before, positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative. Our reality is, to a large degree, what we think on a routine basis. We all struggle from time to time, but becoming aware of your thoughts allows you to let go of the ones that are holding you back. Once you’re aware of those destructive thoughts, reframe them more constructively. It’s natural to default to negative thoughts at times. Get in the habit of shining the brights on that negativity and turn that frown upside down to start “spring cleaning” your thoughts too!

Practice Kindness
Be kind – and I mean to yourself! As women, we tend to take care of everyone else first, but at what cost? Make sure you’re doing something kind to yourself every day. You are so worth it. It’s all part of that delicate dance of finding balance.

Small steps make a big difference. Start small and snowball. And if you’d like support, shoot us an email, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy Spring Sister!

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