“Never Stop Learning”
– Some Super Smart Person


Commitment to ongoing self-education and self-work is essential to your ability to grow and stay relevant, no matter what industry you are in.

Remember this as you run your business: You are never done learning.


I believe the three most dangerous words are:



These three naughty little words close your ability to be open-minded. In order to be successful (to yourself AND to others), you have to continually invest in yourself.

This can include reading, taking courses, listening to podcasts, getting coached, doing masterminds, and continually applying and improving your skills.

And remember…as adults, you learn best by DOING.

The secret to success will not happen through binge and purge learning. Actions speak louder than credentials. When we started the Rebel Circle program, so many members said that one of the things they loved that after they took courses or worked with coaches is that they could lean on us for support to apply what they learned.

Great ideas are only great if they are executed brilliantly.

Our Rebel Circle Program helps you make your ideas a reality.

As you learn, be a critical thinker and healthy skeptic. What works for one person is not always a one size fits all success formula. Take it in, but adapt what you apply so it’s aligned to fit your personality, your business, your target audience.

And never hire help from people who aren’t continually investing in themselves.

The coaches I have worked with and currently work with ALL had/have their own coaches and were in programs.

The people who ask you to invest in them sure as heck better be investing in themselves.

And give yourself space to take in and apply what you learn.

We all grow differently.

Quick and dirty is always quick, but you always end up dirty.

Growth is more than spouting up. Growth includes fertilization, rest (YES, rest), contemplation, and effort, but not all at the same time.


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