There’s no guilt in joy (ok…maybe a little…)


Or for me…a LOT!

I don’t know about you, but lately I feel like I am in desperate need of more joy.

In 2020, my guilt levels hit an all-time high if I even came near anything close to joyous...can you relate?

Time to break up with this dysfunctional belief and see fabulous new ones!

Instead of tuning into the energetic drain I have felt from everything happening in the world right now and nurturing that drain, I started doing the opposite. In 2020, I kicked into high-energy survival mode to support my clients, made sure my team had what they needed, and supported my family and friends…I even adopted a dog (which was the biggest blessing and deserves it’s own blog post)! I gave and gave and gave, and at the end of the year, instead of feeling a wave of relief, I found myself feeling exhausted and not allowing myself to feel a lot of joy.

While 2020 was one of the most amazing years for the history of my company revenue-wise, I entered 2021 feeling like something was missing…


Why? I was focused on all work and no play…the missing piece?


I started reflecting. One of my favorite days in 2020 was when I took a half-day to take my daughter to the Atlanta zoo (which was so well-managed for safety and distancing!). As I drove out of town on the way to play, I went past the site of my major car accident from a few years back. With the Hamilton soundtrack blaring in the car on the drive, I realized the fog I was in when that accident happened was the same fog that was creeping back up in my life. It was time to shine the brights on that to get clear asap.

I was reminded of my mega-joyless self from a few years ago. While I had that “perfect” life on paper (great job, loving partner, coolest kid EVER and all the superficial “things”) I was in a major fog. I was driving back home after an evening volunteer committee meeting that I didn’t really have the energy or interest to attend after a full day of emails, calls, meetings, and parenting. I was personally and professionally exhausted, overwhelmed and felt spread way too thin. Minutes into that trip back home down a dark road, I felt the car jolt and stop. When I couldn’t back up, I knew something was seriously wrong.

Without even realizing it, I had driven (ok, correction, I literally flew) off the road and lodged my car between two trees. I had been so tired and distracted that I drove down a dark, rural road without my brights on. That night, it wasn’t my physical body that took the hit (which was a miracle). It was my mental well-being that shattered, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that something had to change.

Seeing the scene of that accident in broad daylight, I realized that I needed to shine the light on my fog and remind you all to seek joy asap!

Here is the great news! You don’t have to crash your car or have a breakdown to have an effective call-to-joy wake-up call.

You just need to know when you are in a fog to pause and get clear.

F.O.G. is an acronym I created to identify what plagues so many women: Fatigue, Obligation, and Guilt. Fog can put everything from your business to your own health in jeopardy if you continue blindly driving through it.

Tired Lorrie Thomas RossI laughed out loud when I saw this freeze-frame from one of my recent videos on content marketing. I look so fatigued! But it’s a good video, click to watch it, but hello!? I clearly needed a break! How about you?! 🙂

If you are overworked, overwhelmed, or just plain over it, it’s time to make a shift. Embrace joy… make the changes you need to be happy and healthy.


No one else is going to grant you that permission, and in fact, most of the time the people around you aren’t even aware of your F.O.G.


My half-day with my little lady was so great, we continued the joy. We declared to my husband that it was girl’s night (just us!) and ordered Chinese takeout, had a Hamilton sing-along dance party and watched a silly kid’s movie!

After I publish this, I am about to book more joyous activities (safe ones of course!) because while there is some guilt in joy, there is more guilt in not seeking joy.

Life is meant to be lived.

You need to unplug to recharge.

What brings you joy?

What can you do to make sure you are seeking it?


And if you’d like support, don’t hesitate to reach out to book a complimentary call with me!

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