May 20th is National Be a Millionaire Day. (Yes, there is a national day for just about everything!)

At first, the Wild Web Women team and I had a good laugh when we read about this day (and oooh were thrilled when we learned May 14th was National Buttermilk Biscuit Day, heck yes we are honoring that one!). Then I stopped and thought WAIT! Why not aim to be a millionaire!?

Look at National Be A Millionaire Day as a day to start to shift your mindset. Think like a millionaire, act like a millionaire.

There is never a bad time to think about money honey. I am a huge advocate for getting financial advice, finding extra sources of income and saving (ladies – you have to save!). Know your worth, value your worth, and commit to growing your net worth.

Being a millionaire is about living within your means and focusing on growing your net worth.

  • Visualize yourself at a new level of success
  • Evaluate your net worth
  • Set financial goals
  • Do something luxurious
  • Give to charity
  • Be open to new sources of income
  • SAVE more money honey!

Happy #BeAMillionaireDay!

Lorrie Thomas Ross, MA

The Marketing Therapist® and Wild Web Women® Founder
Of all the things Lorrie imagined she would be someday, Wild Web Woman® was never on the list. But thanks to the wild, wacky and wonderful web, she is living a happy, healthy life and enjoying a lucrative career she loves helping women brand, build and boost their web-based businesses! Read More

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