Slow down.

Turn Your Attention Inward.





Oh the Guilt….

I am part of a women’s mastermind group. Every week, our leader’s assistant posts the same question to our Facebook group:

“What are you creating this week?”


And every week, I watch my wonderful groupies post things like: “working on my new course!” “doing more Facebook lives!” or “finishing my book.”

And every week, I feel guilty for having nothing sexy to share.

Now, to be fair with myself, I am one of a handful of women in the group with a long-term highly sustainable business, but posting “I’m taking great care of my clients and my employees and doing the same thing week after week…WHOOO!” just doesn’t have the same sexy “ooh baby” ring to it.

So I post nothing and feel guilt. Womp womp.

One of the first coaches I worked with, Marilyn O’Malley in Santa Barbara (who is wonderful!), sends a gorgeous Motivational Monday email. She had an image in it this week that read:


“Your purpose, right now, is to turn your attention inward, discovering who you really are with deep compassion and unconditional love.”


This was the exact message I needed to read and feel to get over my dang guilt! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

It’s funny, because I give talks to women about guilt and write a lot about it, but I needed to shine the brights on this silly guilt to get clear.

AND get ok with being where I am at.

While business is brilliant and all is great personally, my “creative” is about going inward…not putting new things outward…not yet.

I am doing a TON of inner work with a focus of tuning more into my feminine side and my feminine power. While I am not outwardly creating, I am doing critical creative work by taking classes, investing in myself via personal work with coaching and groups to be the best I can be for my clients, myself AND my future self.

I am proudly creating my future self while being present in my current self.

Your Purpose Is To Turn Your Attention Inward With Compassion And Love

Doing this with deep compassion and unconditional love is not always easy for me, but it is creative! I have been cooking more, being kinder to myself, taking way less crap and doing more loving on my hubs, daughter and fur babies throughout the day which is very nurturing! Cinder, one of WWW’s designers made this for me to share on Instagram.

I shared this quote with my mastermind ladies this week, FINALLY responding to that formerly dreaded “what are you creating this week?” question and when I responded, I confessed my guilt.

In the process of being real, I had a wildly wonderful awakening that I am creating.

As are you!!!

The creative process is not always about producing. Women especially need to go inward to be able to be fully creative.

Self-care includes self-respect.

Respect yourself so the people you work with, work for, and live with give you the respect you deserve.

This fuels your happiness, health, and wealth.


So now I ask you:

What are you creating?



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